The Economic Implications of Brexit on European Regions #BrexitEURegions

Brussels, Belgium

22 February 2019

City-REDI, supported by ESRC and The UK in a Changing EU, are hosting a Brexit Workshop at the European Committee of the Regions. The workshop aims to bring together political and business leaders, together with academics and civil society organisations to discuss the likely impact of Brexit on European regions.

During the workshop we will share findings from our ESRC funded Brexit project[1] on the likely impacts of Brexit on the Europe's sectors, regions, and cities. Our analysis draws upon the most detailed regional-national-international trade and competition datasets currently available anywhere in the world, allowing us to examine the impacts of different post-Brexit trade scenarios on European regions.

Our results identify a very noticeable patterns to the levels of exposure across Europe with north‐western European regions typically being the most exposed to Brexit, while regions in southern and eastern Europe are barely affected at all by Brexit, at least in terms of the trade linkages.

The workshop will also provide a platform for city, regional and national stakeholders to share their own regional-specific research findings and collaborate with us on developing alternative post-Brexit scenarios, considering both what city-regional authorities want and also what policy responses are likely to be most effective.

Provisional Agenda is as follows:

9:00 am

Arrivals, registration and coffee

9:30 am

Welcome address

  • Cllr Michael Murphy, Head of the Irish Delegation to the EU Committee of the Regions.
  • Professor Raquel Ortega Argiles, City-REDI - University of Birmingham
  • (TBC)

9:30-11h am

Session 1: Regional Analysis

  • Professor Philip McCann, University of Sheffield
  • Professor Edgar Morgenroth, Dublin City University
  • Martina Lawless, ESRI

Chair: Frank van Oort


Refreshments Break


Session 2: Competitiveness challenges

  • Professor Frank van Oort, Erasmus University of Rotterdam
  • Dr. Mark Thissen, Dutch Environmental Assessment Agency
  • Professor Maria C. Latorre, Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Harvard Business School

Chair: Bart Los


Lunch Break


Session 3: Sectoral analysis

  • Professor Bart Los, University of Groningen
  • Dr. Sebastian Benz, OECD
  • (TBC)

Chair: Raquel Ortega-Argiles


Session 4: Brexit governance challenges

  • Professor Raquel Ortega-Argiles, University of Birmingham
  • Larissa Brunner, European Policy Centre
  • Professor Simon Collinson, University of Birmingham
  • Sir Albert Bore, Birmingham City Council

Chair: Philip McCann

16:45- 17h

Closure speech

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