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Email List

A distribution list exclusively for members


The email list is used by members to communicate directly to the wider membership, to let them know about upcoming events, job opportunities and other activities in the field of European Studies.

Membership of the list is restricted to UACES members with a paid subscription, or to those whose department holds UACES membership.

The UACES mailing list is largely automated, and our members post the content that is circulated around the list. UACES does not post material on behalf of others.

The service is run by Jiscmail and the UACES list has over 1300 subscribers.

Usage Policy

The email list is an excellent resource for circulating information about:

  • Upcoming conferences and events;
  • Job vacancies for positions in European Studies and related disciplines;
  • Calls for papers
  • Doctoral Workshop
  • Funding opportunities (bursaries etc.)

Messages that will not be circulated, but can be advertised elsewhere:

  • Books by UACES members can be advertised in the Newsletter or the UACES Bookshop
  • Advertisements for books (book launch events are accepted);
  • Advertisements for Summer Schools/Winter Schools and Masters Courses - Summer Schools/Winter Schools and Masters Courses can be advertised on the Course Finder, the UACES events calendar or sent round the Graduate Forum's EuroResearch email list (email us to join).

Messages that will not be circulated:

  • Messages that are not timely. If, for example, your message is sent on Friday afternoon for a Monday morning event, we will not circulate it (because it will not be approved in time);
  • Messages that are not relevant to our European Studies community, eg. about books or events that are not concerning Europe or the EU.
  • Multiple emails about the same lecture series (please send just once, with a summary of the series and a weblink for further information);
  • Multiple reminders about the same event;
  • Political messages;
  • Messages which are for commercial purposes;
  • Requests for a job;
  • Information on the change of institution and contact details for a particular individual;
  • Requests for support for charitable causes.

Join the List

Most UACES members are added to the email list when they first join.

Instructions for Group Members:

If you are a student or member of staff in a department that is a Group Member of UACES, you are eligible for membership benefits. Simply send an email to to join the Jiscmail list and receive the quarterly Members' Newsletter (via MailChimp) with the following command in the body of the email:

join uaces title firstname lastname organisation dept

For example:

join uaces Miss Jane Smith university of london politics

The confirmation will take up to a week.

Please note, your details will also be added to our membership database in order to administer your group membership benefits and monitor your eligibility. Please read our privacy policy here.

Instructions for all other Members:

Send an email to with the following command in the body of the email:

join uaces firstname lastname organisation dept

For example:

join uaces jean monnet university of london politics

This part of the system is not automated, so the confirmation will not be immediate and can take up to a week.

Send a Message

Please read the Usage Policy above before sending a message to the list.

All UACES members are eligible to use our members' mailing list. Here is a reminder how to send an email through the list:

It is as simple as sending an email, but this email will be distributed to over 1000 subscribers, so check it carefully before sending it. Your email will go straight to all subscribers and UACES can not resend your email. We also have no option to make any changes once the email is submitted.

Send your email to, starting with something like 'Dear colleagues' or 'Dear UACES Members', and do not address the UACES Office.

It is not possible to circulate attachments on the email list. This is a simple security measure to protect our membership against viruses. To get around this, you will need to copy and paste the contents of any attachments into the body of your email.

Messages sent to the list are moderated and are not delivered instantly - messages posted on Friday for example will not be approved until Monday, longer if there is a Public Holiday.

Subscription Options

There are three ways that you can receive emails from the UACES email list: Regular, Index and Digest.

Regular: Each posting to the email list arrives as an individual message in your inbox. Emails are received throughout the day, although we have now introduced a policy of delivering these in one burst of emails each morning.

Index: The Index is an email listing the Subject Line and Senders of all the messages that have been circulated in the preceding week, with hyperlinks to the full message. Registering a password allows you to access these messages on the Jiscmail website. It will also allow you to search the archives.

Digest: A digest is similar to the Index in that it lists all messages from the preceding week in a single email. It differs in that you are able to access and view all listed messages directly from the email.

If you would like to switch your subscription, let us know at

Leaving the List

To unsubscribe from the UACES email list immediately, send an email to with the following command in the body of the email:

unsubscribe uaces

This function is automated.