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Graduate Forum Committee

Meet the elected committee of UACES Student and Early-Career Members

The Graduate Forum is run by an elected committee of UACES Student and Early-Career Members. We work together with the UACES Committee of Trustees to organise events and conferences and to represent the voice of graduate and early-career researchers within the Association as a whole. Committee members are elected by members of the Graduate Forum.

Get involved

Keen to get more involved with UACES and the Graduate Forum? We currently have two positions available on the Graduate Forum Committee. Those are: Student and ECR Representative and Events Officer (joint position).

The positions will commence in December 2023 and last 2 years.

The role of the Student and ECR Representative is to: 

  • Act as a liaison between the UACES Graduate Forum Committee and members of the Graduate Forum

  • Advocate for the interests of members, garner feedback for the committee

  • Support colleagues on the Graduate Forum Committee with their roles where possible

  • Get involved with paper selection for the GF research Conference

  • Pro-actively promote the work of the Graduate Forum Committee on social media and amongst your network

The role of the Events Officer is to:

  • Identify potential venues for UACES Graduate Forum events and approach these in conjunction with the Events and Membership officer

  • Identify (along with the wider GF committee) and invite speakers for UACES Graduate Forum events

  • Propose topics to cover at UACES GF events

  • Get involved with paper selection for the GF Research Conference

  • Pro-actively promote the work of the Graduate Forum Committee on social media and amongst your network

To run for one of the positions, please complete the Election Form by 28 November. The outcome of the election will be announced after the Doctoral Training Academy has taken place at the end of November.

Prior to putting yourself forward for a position, please carefully read our expectations of Graduate Forum Committee Members.


Niall Robb gives feedback to a presentationNiall Robb, Queen's University Belfast | @nialljrobb

"I have been an active member of the UACES Graduate Forum since 2019 and the Student and ECR Representative since February 2022. As elected Chair, I believe I am well placed to build on the great work of the outgoing committee and continue developing the Graduate Forum as we come out of the pandemic. Working with the rest of the committee, I would like the Graduate Forum to continue our regular online events and increase our level of digital communication in the coming year, in addition to delivering our Annual Conference and the Doctoral Training Academy."




Communications Officer

Photo of Barış ErtürkYunus Barış Ertürk, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam | @bariserturk_

'I decided to nominate myself for UACES Graduate Forum on the day I participated in the Graduate Forum Conference. I had an opportunity to meet great young scholars and listen to impressive paper presentations. The event incentivized me to have more responsibility for my research community, moreover, build a reliable and advanced forum for each other!
I have several projects and ideas for the Graduate Forum. I want to increase the number of events and add new dimensions, from skill development in modern academia to interactive conferences.
UACES Graduate Forum members will work together and collaborate in the same research community for several years. I aspire to improve and amplify it with your support!'




Events Officer | Joint

Photo of Filiz DoganFiliz DoğanLeiden University | @frannygl

"I am a PhD researcher at the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs, at Leiden University. Based on my previous experience, as a project manager/specialist as well as a Chair of the PhD committee in my university department, I wanted to take up the Communications Officer role of the UACES GF committee because I like communicating with different researchers and hearing about their experiences. My aim is to create a dynamic communication network by reaching as many PhD and Early Career Researchers through various projects and activities. This way, I believe that junior researchers will find better support to overcome the challenges during their academic journey and will be able to establish stronger ties in academia in the future.”







Events Officer | Joint

Laura Gheorghiu, University of Bologna

Laura Gheorghiu




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