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Useful tips, interesting podcasts, recorded seminars or webinars - this is what you can find in our resources section. Our members contribute equally to each piece.

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UACES Resources are aimed at European Studies PhD students, early-career researchers and anyone who wants to brush up on some of the more practical elements of being an academic. They are focused on the skills needed for developing your career in the academic sector.


See recent articles and useful advice for European Studies academics and practitioners.

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How to Design Effective Teaching Modules

28 Aug 2020

Amy Burge shares three key things to think about when designing successful modules and courses.

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Tips and Tricks for Academic Networking

29 Nov 2017

Networking is becoming an increasingly important skill for academics. Christopher Huggins shares his tips and tricks for postgraduates and early-career researchers.

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The Six Reincarnations of Research-Led Teaching

1 Jan 2020

Olga Burlyuk (Research Foundation Flanders (FWO) and Ghent University) reflects on six types of research-led teaching.

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Migration remains at the top of the political agenda across the European Union. Although the EU’s migration law-making competences are limited, migration is one of the most dynamic policy domains.

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Discussants with backgrounds in international economic law, EU External relations law and public international law debate with Prof. Bradford the framing of the travels, success and movement of EU law globally.

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The Human Rights Act, which incorporated the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) into British law from October 2000, is about to celebrate its twentieth anniversary in a very peculiar context.

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