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Discover books and journals related to European Studies.

Discover Books & Journals

UACES members enjoy a variety of publishing opportunities. We invite everyone to write resource articles, that help others to advance their research and their academic profession. Our bookshop includes recently published books by our members and the Journal of Contemporary European Research is an open-access journal published by UACES in association with the UACES Graduate Forum.

Discounts for UACES Members

Become a member for a variety of discounts on books, journals and other subscriptions.

Other Resources

UACES Resources are aimed at European Studies PhD students, early-career researchers and anyone who wants to brush up on some of the more practical elements of being an academic as well as a professional working in law, economics or politics. A diverse range of advice articles are focused on the skills needed for developing your career, videos and podcasts disclose individual experiences and summarise seminars and talks. 

Our Online Journal JCER

JCER is an open-access, online journal published by UACES in association with the Graduate Forum. We publish articles in the subject area of contemporary European studies. The Journal enables PhD students and early career researchers to disseminate their work alongside established scholars.

The Journal