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83 Lavender Hill
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tel: +44 20 4524 4294



Have a look at our FAQs below where you might find answers to your questions.


Do you have questions regarding your membership benefits? Are you looking for a specific link? Or did you forget how to update your details? We have collected a few frequently asked questions for you, so you can find what you are looking for easily.


If you can't find what you are looking for, email

I can't log into my account.

First, we recommend resetting your password. The password will be sent to the email address with which you have registered.

Can't find the reset email? Have you recently changed your institution and a new email address? The email address you registered with is your username. Try using your old email address for the login. If it worked change it to the new email once you successfully logged in. If it didn't work please get in touch with us via

Make sure you update your contact details in your member's account regularly.


How can I change my member details?

Log in to your account here. Click on your name at the top of the page and click edit profile. You will be able to change your password and email address/username. Please note, your email address is your username to log in to your account. That means, if you experience issues with the login, this might be due to the email address change.

How can I use the UACES mailing list?

Most UACES members are added to the UACES mailing list when they first join. This means, you can use our mailing list via jiscmail.

Posting a message to the email list is as simple as sending an email, but be wary, this email will be distributed to well over a 1300 other subscribers in the academic field, so check it carefully before sending. Send your email to Make sure it is relevant to the field of European Studies and established academics.

For more details, usage policy and other requirements click here.


For content that is directed at students or PhD researchers, we recommend send your email through the EuroResearch mailing list which is managed by the Graduate Forum. Email to join.

Can I add an event to the UACES events calendar?

Yes! But you have to be a UACES member. Promoting your event is part of our membership scheme and UACES does not need to be involved in the organisation of an event for it to be added to our events calendar. Send the details of your event to, ideally with a link to the original event page or a registration link.

How can I add my book to the UACES website or newsletter?

UACES members can promote their book(s) via our website. Simply send us your recently published book with the publisher's link to We also regularly include recently published books in our members' newsletter. If you have a special offer for our members, we can advertise this in the newsletter and/or UACES social media channels. Additionally, we invite members to promote their books in our members-only LinkedIn Group.

UACES also offers support for a UACES Member’s Book Launch event to promote your book to a wider audience.


What book discount can members get?

UACES members benefit from discounts on a wide range of books and journals. To see the discounts, make sure you are logged into your member's account as discount codes are not public. You can find a list of the discounts you are eligible for here.

Can I promote news and activities in the UACES newsletter?

Yes! We have a specific section for our 'Members to Members' section  in which you can share news and activities with the European Studies network. Send us a short description (Recommendation of about 200 words) of what you would like to promote to, inclusive of any links, images or visual assets.

Can I have an Expert on Europe profile?

If you have an Early Career or Individual Membership, you are eligible to set up your Expert on Europe profile.

Log in to your account and go to Expert on Europe. There you can fill in your personal research disciplines, area of expertise, add your research links and more.