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Cookies, Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

Details of UACES's Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Last updated: 15 February 2024


This policy covers the website and and explains what information we collect when you visit our website or register with one of our services (e.g. membership or an event), as well as how and why we collect and use it. We take your privacy seriously and are proactive in ensuring the necessary steps are taken to protect your personal data.



UACES Data Protection Officer: Kerry Cole (, +44 20 7419 5446)


Use of cookies

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files saved to the user’s computer’s hard drive that track, save and store information about the user’s interactions and usage of the website. This allows the website, through its server, to provide the users with a tailored experience within this website.

What do we use cookies for?

Some cookies used on our websites are essential to their functionality. For example, in multi-page forms, cookies are set to enable inputted data to be transferred from one page to another. Cookies used for this purpose are set to expire upon form completion, after an elapsed time, or when a visitor closes their browser.

We use anonymous session cookies (short-term cookies that disappear when you close your browser) to help you navigate the website and make the most of the features. If you log into the website as a registered user, your session cookie may also contain your user ID so that it can check which services you are allowed to access. Where any personal data is collected it is relevant to purpose and only absolutely necessary personal details are recorded.

Google Analytics is an online analytics tool provided by Google and is used on the UACES website. It collects information such as total views, page visits and referral statistics. Information collected by this service is used to assess the performance of the UACES website and to help us improve the site for future visits. All data collected by Google Analytics is anonymous. For information on Google’s privacy policy please visit:

If you are logged in to Twitter, Facebook or Google+1, the social plugins at the end of a webpage may set or retrieve cookies. It is possible that you have previously downloaded cookies controlled by these sites
The software will save a cookie to your computer’s hard drive in order to track and monitor your engagement and usage of the website, but will not store, save or collect personal information.

Disable cookies

You can at any time disable cookies on your browser. The setting allowing you to do this can usually be found in your browser’s Tools or Preferences menu. Certain parts of the UACES websites’ functionality may be affecting by disabling cookies, for example, the blog user’s account and the Expert on Europe user’s area.


Personal Data: Collection and Use

Whilst using our website, you may be required to provide personal data (name, address, email, account details, etc.). We will use this data to administer our website’s processes and databases. We will ensure that all personal data supplied is held securely in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, as adopted into law of the United Kingdom in the Data Protection Act 2018.

You have the right at any time to request a copy of the personal data we hold on you. Should you wish to receive a copy of this, or would like to be removed from our database, please contact us at

What data do we collect?

We normally collect the following personal data from individuals when they become a member of UACES:

  • Name
  • Work email
  • Work address
  • Work telephone
  • Personal email

We normally collect the following personal data from individuals when they register for an event:

  • Name
  • Work email
  • Personal email
  • Requirements and preferences relevant for the event (e.g. dietary requirements)

We normally collect the following personal data from individuals when they apply to have a blog on our blog-hosting site (Ideas on Europe):

  • Name
  • Email
  • Professional affiliation

We normally collect the following personal data from users who are interested in UACES (e.g. sign up to a non-members' newsletter or email list):

  • Name
  • Email


Why is it being collected?

At UACES, we take your privacy seriously. We only collect your personal information for the following reasons:

  • In order to provide membership services to you;
  • In order to register you for an event;
  • In order to keep you updated about UACES services, opportunities or events about which you have given your explicit consent to be notified or where it is necessary to fulfil one or more of our legitimate interests (see below);
  • In order to make an assessment about whether your blog is suitable for the site, and, if so, to set up a blog and account for you.


How do we collect data?

UACES collects this data in two possible ways:

  • Via online forms on our website

When you complete the user registration form or enter your details in a text box. All this information requires a direct action by you at that time in order for us to receive it.

  • When you give us written or oral permission

You may give us written permission (e.g. via email or a physical sign-up form) or oral (e.g. by telephone or in-person) for us to register you as an attendee or a member and thereby add you to our database.

Blog authors send us an email with their personal data details and application to set up a blog.


How will the data be stored?

If you become a member, your data will be stored on our database of members (on our server), on third party services (specifically: Jiscmail, MailChimp) and sent once a year to the Electoral Reform Services. The necessary condition for processing your data in this way is the fulfilment of our contract to you, by allowing us to deliver the stated membership benefits. Specifically, third party services are used for the following reasons:

  • Jiscmail is used for the benefit of accessing the UACES Members’ email list;
  • MailChimp is used for the benefit of receiving the quarterly digital members’ newsletter (UACES News);
  • Election Runner is used for the benefit of voting in the annual UACES Elections and ensuring UACES’s elections are administered democratically and confidentially.
  • ConfTool is used to run UACES annual conferences including the call for papers and registration;
  • SurveyMonkey is used by UACES to survey our members and event attendees and ensure that we continue to run effectively and provide useful services to our customers.

For event attendees who register via online forms on our website, the data will be stored on our server in order to provide you with the requested services and thereby fulfil our contract to you. In the case of third-party event registration services, the data will be stored with the service provider according to their policies (see below).

For non-members interested in UACES, the data will be stored on our MailChimp account if you sign up to one of our MailChimp mailing lists, or on our server if you have requested to receive email updates directly from UACES. Both of these require you to provide active consent at the time.

For subscribers to the Ideas on Europe newsletter, your data will be stored on our server.

If you are a blog author and your request to create a blog is rejected, the email containing your personal data will be deleted.

If you are a blog author and your request to create a blog is accepted, the data will be stored on our website server (hosted by Zen Internet) in order to provide you with the requested service and fulfil our contract to you.

You can find out more about our partners’ policies here:

A third party will have access to our databases only where strictly necessary for website and/or database maintenance and/or development and only of the duration of the project. We take your privacy very seriously and actively take steps to ensure such access is providing securely.

In cases when data is stored on printed paper, it is kept in a secure place where unauthorised personnel cannot access it. Printed data is shredded when it is no longer needed.

As part of UACES’s continued updating and improvement of its membership benefits and websites, we may be required to transfer our databases to another server or cloud storage. This privacy policy will be updated accordingly.

How will it be used?

The names and email addresses submitted to UACES will be used solely for UACES’s stated purposes and not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party.


Membership Benefits

On the basis of providing you with the requested services and thereby fulfilling our contract to you:

  • You will receive the UACES Newsletter four times per year via MailChimp, from which you can unsubscribe at any time;
  • You will receive and be able to send emails via the UACES Members’ Jiscmail list in ‘Regular’ or ‘Digest’ format (according to the preferences you actively stated at the time of becoming a member, which can be updated at any time, and in line with the Email list policy);
  • You will receive direct emails from UACES where necessary for providing you with access to your membership benefits, keeping you informed about your membership status (e.g. renewal reminders), and improving our service to you (e.g. surveys);
  • You will receive an invitation and reminders from Election Runner to vote in the UACES Committee Elections.
  • If you provide explicit consent, we will occasionally send you marketing emails about relevant UACES events, opportunities and resources that you may be interested in. Explicit consent is provided at the time of registering as a member on our website, by emailing or by signing up via one of our consent forms.


Ad Hoc Email Communication

We may use your personal data to contact you based on our legitimate interest to fulfil UACES’s charitable purpose as set out in our constitution (“to advance education for the public benefit through the promotion of teaching and research in contemporary European Studies”).

For example:

  • We may invite you to participate in a new initiative or to speak at an event;
  • We may contact you to ask you to help disseminate information (e.g. resources, funding opportunities or events that would be useful for your colleagues, students or non-academic contacts) if this is deemed necessary for the furtherance of UACES’s object (above);
  • We may ask you for your feedback or suggestions (e.g. in the form of a survey) to help improve our services to you as well as our fulfilment of UACES’s object (above).


Expert on Europe

If you choose to activate your Expert on Europe profile, your email address will be used for people to contact you via your profile, but your email address will not be visible.  


Ideas on Europe Blog Authors

Your data will be used to allow you to log in to the website and publish your articles and for UACES to communicate with you via email when necessary for technical assistance or support or to let you know about new features or opportunities for blog authors.



We will send you email updates about the UACES opportunities, activities and/or events that you gave explicit consent to hear about.


How long do we keep your data for?

UACES will not retain your personal data longer than necessary.

Members’ data will be retained for up to 5 years after membership expires unless otherwise requested by you.

Event registrees’ data will be retained for up to 5 years after the last event attended (in the case of registering via our website) or according to the service provider’s policies (in the case of registering via a third-party service such as Eventbrite), unless otherwise requested by you.

Data of non-members interested in UACES will be stored on MailChimp according to their policies after the subscription is cancelled, and on our server for up to 5 years after the last update of contact details, unless otherwise requested by the individual.

Data of blog authors will be stored for up to 5 years after the last registered activity on the account.

If legally required or if it is reasonably necessary to meet regulatory requirements, resolve disputes, prevent fraud and abuse, or enforce our policies, we may also retain some of your data for a limited period of time as required, even after you have closed your account or it is no longer needed to provide the Services to you.


Choosing how we use your data

We understand that you trust us with your personal data and we are committed to ensuring you can manage the privacy and security of your personal data yourself. With respect to the data relating to you that ends up in our possession, and recognising that it is your choice to provide us with your personally identifiable data, we commit to giving you the ability to do all of the following:

  • You can verify the details you have submitted to UACES by contacting us (, +44 20 7419 5446).  Our security procedures mean that we may request proof of identity before we reveal information, including your e-mail address and possibly your address.
  • You can also contact us by the same method to change, correct, or to request that we delete your personal data in relation to any of the aforementioned accounts at any time. Please note, though that, if you have shared any data with others through social media channels, that data may remain visible, even if your account is deleted.
  • You can unsubscribe from receiving MailChimp newsletters by clicking the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any newsletter email.
  • You can unsubscribe or change your subscription preferences for the UACES Members Jiscmail List by clicking the links at the bottom of any email you receive from the list, or by emailing at any time. You can find out more about the subscription options here.
  • You can request a readable copy of the personal data we hold on you at any time and this request will be processed within one month (provided there is no undue burden and it does not compromise the privacy of other individuals). To do this, please contact us (, +44 20 7419 5446).
  • You can request that your data is transferred directly to another system and we will do this for free.


Our Right to Update our Privacy Policy

Please note, we are constantly reviewing how we process and protect data. Therefore, changes to our policy may occur at any time.

Furthermore, changes may be made in our legitimate interest to improve our services, better serve our membership or otherwise fulfil UACES’s charitable purpose as set out in our constitution (“to advance education for the public benefit through the promotion of teaching and research in contemporary European Studies”).

We will endeavour to publicise and communicate any changes.



Complaints or questions relating to your data protection and privacy should be directed to the UACES Data Protection Officer: Kerry Cole (, +44 20 7419 5446).


Terms & Conditions of Use

This website (the ‘site’) is provided by UACES (‘uaces’, ‘we’, ‘us’). Use of the site is governed by these terms and conditions, along with the documents to which they refer (‘Terms and Conditions’). Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before you start to use our site. By using the site, you indicate that you accept the Terms and Conditions and that you agree to abide by them. If you are not willing to accept these Terms and Conditions, you may not use the site.

Site Owner

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