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Contemporary European Politics

The Open-Access Journal in the Field of European Politics

The Journal

Contemporary European Politics is an open-access journal in the field of European politics. The journal is devoted to promoting original research and insightful debate in contemporary European politics by publishing academic articles, research comments and policy analysis and book reviews covering European politics both within and beyond the European Union.

The journal actively invites contributions from interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary approaches which provide new perspectives on European political topics. To this end, the journal not only welcomes submissions from the field of Politics, but also disciplines such as Law, International Relations, Public Administration, Policy, Economics, History and Cultural Studies, where these can further understanding of European political processes.

The journal is international in scope and actively seeks to include contributions from authors based within and outside of Europe. Contributions are particularly welcomed from academics from backgrounds historically underrepresented in the discipline and from scholars working on European politics in universities in the Global South and outside of Western Europe more broadly.

Contemporary European Politics welcomes contributions on all aspects of European politics from academics and practitioners. In addition, Contemporary European Politics is also committed to providing a forum for emerging scholars of European politics by allowing them to present their ideas alongside those of more established scholars. Contributions from PhD students in the advanced phase of their doctoral research, post-doctoral fellows, and academics in the early stages of their careers are particularly encouraged. The journal provides a valuable addition to current provision in this area, both in its mission to actively promote diversity in academic debate and in its accessibility to early career researchers. It serves as a platform for new voices to change the terms of how we discuss European politics and a stepping-stone for those voices to develop their full potential.

Meet the Editors

Chris Huggins Portrait

Dr Christopher Huggins is Associate Professor of Politics and Associate Dean for Learning, Teaching and Student Experience at the University of Suffolk (UK). Christopher’s research interests are focused on sub-national politics and devolution, the role of local and regional government in European Union politics, and the UK-EU relationship. Christopher also has an interest in the pedagogy of politics, and he sits on the Teaching Working Group of UACES. As part of the journal's editorial team, Christopher is keen to ensure the diversity of European politics scholarship, both in terms of disciplinarity and the scholars working in the field, is represented and accessible to a wide audience.


Natasza Styczyńska Portrait

Dr Natasza Styczyńska is an Assistant Professor at the Institute of European Studies of the Jagiellonian University in Kraków (Poland). Her academic interests include party politics, nationalism, populism and Euroscepticism in Central and Eastern Europe and the Balkans. She leads JU team in H2020 REGROUP Rebuilding Governance and Resilience out of the Pandemic research project and is a director of studies of Una Europa Joint BA in European Studies at Jagiellonian.


Bruno Theodoro Luciano Portrait

Dr Bruno Theodoro Luciano is a Research Fellow at the San Tiago Dantas Graduate Program in International Relations, São Paulo State University, São Paulo, Brazil. His areas of expertise and research interests focus on ​​regional integration and comparative regionalism in Europe, Latin America and Africa, particularly in trade, democracy protection and foreign policy agendas. By joining in the editorial board of Contemporary European Politics, he intends to contribute to the expansion of academic publications from non-European countries and non-Eurocentric approaches to the study of European politics.