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Travel Support

Financial assistance for Student and Early-Career members attending UACES events.
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Travel Support

UACES has a longstanding commitment towards assisting and providing opportunities for early-career researchers. The UACES travel scheme was established to provide some financial assistance for students and Early-Career researchers attending UACES events who would not otherwise receive ANY funding towards their travel expenses. 

The Travel Scheme is open to Student and Early-Career Members of UACES.


UACES will pay up to 50% of your travel expenses for travel to/from a qualifying event. The following conditions apply:

General terms

  • Claims can only be made for 'qualifying events' which will be listed on the Calendar of Events;
    they will be identified by the following travel icon
    Travel Icon
  • You have not, or will not, receive any other financial support for travel for the same event;
  • UACES reserves the right at all times to refuse any travel claim;
  • You must, wherever possible, use the most cost-effective means of transport available;
  • Travel claims must be submitted within three weeks after completion of the event;
  • The travel claim form must be completed in full (and be legible).


  • You must be a current Student member or Early-Career Member of UACES (please note that membership of the Graduate Forum is not the same as membership of UACES);
  • Payment is conditional upon attendance (as such, claims cannot be processed before the event);
  • Accommodation and/or subsistence expenses are not eligible as travel expenses in this scheme.

Amounts and limits

  • UACES will pay up to 50% of your travel expenses for travel to/from a qualifying event;
  • The maximum amount to be reimbursed for travel within the UK is 75 GBP;
  • The maximum will be increased to 100 GBP for those travelling either to, or outside the UK;
  • The minimum amount claimed must be greater than 5 GBP;
  • For necessary travel by car, UACES will pay a mileage rate (limited to 100 miles).

Payment terms

  • Payments will be by cheque in pounds sterling or bank transfer (if resident in the UK) or PayPal (if not resident in the UK);
  • We will do our own currency conversions to pounds sterling;
  • Original receipts must be attached to your claim form. We cannot accept any travel claims which are not accompanied by original receipts, or for which the original receipts are needed for another purpose (i.e. no photocopies);
  • Receipts will be kept by UACES.

The conditions above are effective from 1/1/2017; please return to this page for future updates and for the most recent version of the claim form.

Apply for Funding

To make a claim, please download the claim form from this page. If any of your receipts are postal, you will need to post them along with a printed version of the form. If you have any questions, please email