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Find out how to stand for election to the UACES Committee.

2024 Elections

UACES invites nominations for people to join the committee from September 2024. We are seeking members to fill the following positions:

  • UACES Chair
  • 2 x Committee Member

Find out more about each of the positions below. The nominations form is available here.

Deadline 31 Jan 2024


The UACES Chair is 1 of 4 officers of UACES. The officers work together to make key decisions about the Association and its activities. The UACES Chair will be expected to attend and chair 3 committee meetings per year (2 in-person, 1 virtual) and 4 officers' meetings per year (in-person). As well as the general responsibilities to represent and support the Association's work, the Chair has particular oversight of:

  • Staffing - including assisting with recruitment, convening and leading on appraisals, and joining disciplinary panels
  • Working Groups - the Chair will convene and chair two of the working groups of the committee
  • Prizes - Oversight and management of the selection procedure for the Lifetime Achievement Award, the Best Book and Best PhD prizes
  • Providing leadership and direction to the UACES Staff, Officers and Committee, enabling them to fulfill their responsibilities in the governance and strategic direction of the Association

The Chair will also be expected to present the Annual Report at the Annual General Meeting and may, from time to time, be asked to authorise payments from the UACES bank accounts if the Treasurer is unavailable. Due to banking regulations, the Chair must be based in the UK. The term of office runs from 1 September 2024 to 31 August 2027. 


 2 x Committee Member

UACES is seeking 2 committee members to join the committee of trustees from 1 September 2024 to 31 August 2027. UACES committee members make a real and lasting impact on the Association by making decisions about how UACES should deliver its charitable aims. Committee members have a say in a large part of the Association's work, from the Annual Conference, to the funding we offer to members, to the relationship between UACES and its journals.

As a member of the UACES Committee, you can make a contribution to the development of the European Studies field, and it would enable you to:

  • shape the concerns of the Association as a whole;
  • become involved in the organisation of events or activities;
  • broaden your network of contacts outside your own Institution.

Committee members are expected to attend 3 meetings per year (on first Fridays in October, February and June). The February meetings will be virtual, the other 2 will be held in London. Please only nominate yourself if you can commit to these meetings.

The term of office is for three years, commencing September each year. If elected, you will also become a Trustee of the Association, which is a registered Charity in England and Wales (No: 1163773).