About Expert on Europe

Expert on Europe is a searchable online directory of experts on Europe and the European Union.

Find an expert relevant to your needs by browsing members' areas of expertise, searching the list of hot topics or through the site's advanced search.

The people that appear on this website are all members of UACES and are entitled to be included on this site as a benefit of membership.

Create your Profile

Creating a profile on Expert on Europe gives you the ability to:

  • Share details of your areas of expertise through a list of relevant keywords related to Europe and the EU;
  • List other online academic profiles, e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn and Academia.edu;
  • Share details of language skills, relevant media experience and a short biography.

Profiles are optimised for display on both desktop and mobile devices. Considerable work has also gone in to ensure that experts are picked up via search engines such as Google and Bing.