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Teaching & Learning

Three Top Tips for Disseminating and Amplifying your Research

19 Feb 2024

Patrick Bijsmans, Associate Professor in Teaching & Learning European Studies and Associate Dean for Education at Maastricht University's Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences reflects on his academic career at the intersection of research, teaching, and leadership, influenced by his role as a programme director. Patrick discusses the challenges and rewards of balancing these responsibilities, including the impact on his research trajectory. Offering three tips for fellow academics, Patrick emphasises the importance of time management, seeking supervisor guidance, and building experience and confidence.

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Tips on How to Apply for Funding Opportunities

27 Oct 2023

Applying for funding can be overwhelming. Questions like ‘Where do I start?’, ‘What should go in?’, and ‘How long should the bid be?’ are very common and can make you feel unsure about the application process. Read our tips below and create a checklist for yourself to ensure you are ticking all the boxes.

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Why European Studies?

7 Aug 2023

Bringing together scholars from across the social sciences and into humanities, European Studies is a highly interdisciplinary field that centres around the question of Europe and the European Union. This article will describe some of the benefits of study, as well as outlining important aspects to consider when choosing a course or career in European Studies.

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Chat GPT: How the controversial platform can inspire you in your PhD research and teaching, without breaking the rules.

1 Aug 2023

‘Cheating’, ‘a broken education system’, or ‘unregulated dangerous AI’ might be the phrases you’d use to discuss Chat GPT’s recent emergence, but notice the software’s potential to be harnessed in academic teaching and research, and perhaps you can see the less obvious benefits…

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PhD Conference Guide

8 Jun 2023

Ben Rosher wrote a brief guide to encourage PhDs and ECRs to attend conferences and some hints and tips to get the most out of them, from covering costs to meeting people in your field.

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Tips for Prospective and Current PhD Students

25 Jul 2022

This article gives thoughtful insights from UACES members to help prospective and current PhD students on their research journey. This list of tips was compiled from a survey of UACES members who have extensive experience from their own PhD journeys.

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