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Research Excellence Framework: A REF-erence for success?

25 Jul 2023

The introduction of the current Research Excellence Framework (REF) system in 2014 marked the UK government’s commitment to supporting innovative research outputs from academics at Higher Education Providers (HEPs) and universities in the United Kingdom. Besides enabling researchers to produce quality research, REF is useful to demonstrate the benefits of research and to provide evidence for meaningful investments.  

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Open Access Journals: The Key to Research Impact?

11 Jul 2023

The EU’s support for open access to scientific journals may not come as a surprise to readers. Yet, beyond its obvious benefit, that open access articles may contribute to increased innovation in the public and private sectors, there are plenty of benefits for the authors, too.

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To Blog or not to Blog… Why Academic Blogging is Helpful for your Career

3 Aug 2021

In the age of social media, modern-day academia is taking different forms. The number of academic blogs, for instance, has increased significantly in recent years. So why should an academic take the time to blog? This article outlines the importance and benefits of academic blogging.

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Tips for Publishing Journal Articles

2 Sep 2020

Nat Copsey offers some tips for getting your work noticed by journal editors.

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How to Get your Article Read

2 Sep 2020

How do you get your article read by the right people? Paul Taggart explains.

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How I Published a Book… or Another 2 Years of Solitude

1 Sep 2018

You’ve finished your PhD thesis and successfully defended it. But how do you go about turning it into a book? Toni Haastrup explains her own journey from PhD to book.

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Race, Racism and Identity in Europe and in the Academy: A DIMES Reading List

1 May 2020

As part of the Diversity, Inclusion and Multidisciplinarity in European Studies project (DIMES), UACES and the project advisory board have put together this reading list on racism in Europe and the Academy.

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Storytelling for Researchers in 3 Steps

1 Sep 2020

Research is not only about making discoveries, but about telling the story of those discoveries too. Dorina Baltag explains how when we craft our research story, we shape our own unique voice and illustrate what our research product stands for and why and how it matters to our audience.

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Turning Your PhD Thesis Into a Book: A Publisher's Top Tips

29 Nov 2018

Want to turn your PhD thesis into a book, but not sure where to start? Claire Maloney (Routledge) gives her advice.

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How to Write for an Academic Blog

29 Aug 2020

Blogs are increasingly relevant to researchers and, for those starting out in contributing to them, it can be useful to reflect on the differences with other outputs, writes Anthony Salamone.

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