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Research Networks FAQs

Tips on how to run a network successfully

Build connections, & communicate about your activities

The FAQs help new and existing Research Networks find useful tips on best practices to organise events and workshops, promote them and grow your network.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find guidance for maintaining your Research Network.

What are Research Network activities?

UACES Research Network activities include:

  • Dedicated research meetings and workshops
  • Participation in larger conferences such as the UACES Annual Conference or other relevant events
  • Contributions to the UACES Newsletter and to pursuing other publishing and dissemination opportunities (journals, books, podcasting, blogging)
How to organise an event?

Think about the basics for your event using the point below as guides:

  • What is the intent behind the event?
  • Where and when will it take place?
  • How much is the budget?
  • Who is involved?
  • Is catering needed?
  • Will speakers or organisers need to travel?

The UACES Office is always there to support you. If you need help and guidance get in touch at

Send us your event details so we can include them in our communications.

How to communicate about your activities?

There are several ways to promote your network activities to the European Studies community and beyond.


  • UACES has a newsletter that is send to the European Studies community every 6-8 weeks. Send your event details to early so we can include it.
  • UACES provides a regular mailing list service, the jiscmail, to our members. You need to be signed up to be able to send emails directly to UACES subscribers. You can find more information about the mailing list here.

Social Media:

  • Create a network account on various social media channels
  • Promote your activites on your personal channels
  • By sending your event to UACES, or tagging us, we can help circulate your activities across out platforms
  • UACES has a LinkedIn group with UACES members. Join the group and freely post your activities in the group.


  • Send your events to so we can include your event in our calendar
  • Every Research Network has their own page on which we can share news about recent activities and events. Send your news to, so we can add it to your page.
  • Use the Ideas on Europe blog to communicate about your activities.
Which digital platforms are useful for your network?
  • Build your network on social media, such as Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Provide UACES with information about the network so we can include it on the UACSE website such as the event calendar. We can link added events to your network page as well.
  • Create a website with further information on WordPress, Wix or Squarespace
Where can you publish your work?