The results for the 2017 UACES Graduate Forum Committee are now in...

Congratulations and welcome to our new Graduate Forum Committee Members and thank you to everyone who voted in the 2017 elections.

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2018 Elections

Being a member of the UACES Graduate Forum Committee will enable you to make a contribution to the development of student activities in the field of European Studies.

In November 2018, we are looking for:

  • Chair
  • Commitee Member

Committee members and Chair will hold office from 1 December 2018 to 30 November 2020.

Why stand in elections?

Being a member of the UACES Graduate Forum Committee will enable you to make a significant contribution to the development of student activities in the field of European Studies and would allow you to:

  • become involved in the activities of UACES
  • become involved in the organisation of events or activities for fellow students
  • broaden your network of contacts outside your own institution

Working as a Graduate Forum Committee member can help you develop vital career skills, enhance your CV, and provide an interesting and worthwhile experience.

What does the Chair do?

The UACES Graduate Forum Chair is responsible for coordinating the activities of the Graduate Forum. This entails planning and chairing the meetings of the Graduate Forum, ensuring the overall coordination of the activities of the Graduate Forum and overseeing the work of the various Graduate Forum committee members. There will be 1-2 Graduate Forum committee meetings a year. The Chair will also represent the interests of graduate and early-career researchers on the main UACES Committee – attending 3 committee meetings a year.

What do committee members do?

All committee members will be required to contribute to the work of the Graduate Forum by assisting the Chair and other members with the organisation of Graduate Forum activities, such as the Doctoral Training Academy and Graduate Research Conference. Tasks include liaising with host universities, inviting speakers, running the call for papers and assessing incoming papers, running communication networks with student members.

Committee members are also involved in the production of UACES's open-access journal JCER, editing the Crossroads Europe blog and assisting with GF publicity and event reports.

Committee members should be able to attend up to 1-2 committee meetings per year and be in correspondence by e-mail regularly. Although allocated specific tasks, committee members are expected to assist with the overall running of the GraduateForum.

If elected, you are required to join UACES as a member in your own right if you are not already. You cannot represent other members of the Association properly if you are not a member yourself. It is OK to stand for election without being a member, and then join after the results are known.


Nominations open in October. Job descriptions will be available here and candidates must read them thoroughly before nominating themselves.


Elections Officer

Quincy Cloet is the election officer. Please contact Quincy with any questions.