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Ms Alina Felder

University of St. Gallen & Department of Political Science
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I am a postdoctoral researcher at the University of St. Gallen, where I conduct research within the scope of the project „Governance in Vocational and Professional Education and Training“ (GOVPET). My research interests include Europeanization processes that are induced through network modes of governance the EU is establishing and encouraging public and private actors to participate in. Next to my research, I regularly work in political education contexts either conducting workshops or moderating panels with politicians and scholars. In my recently submitted PhD project I explored the underinvestigated cross-roads of EU regional policy with the area of HE policy. The latter has been met by an increasing interest and broadened activities on behalf of the EU and yet remains at the competence of the member states. The central question of my dissertation is how EU regional policy instruments influence the cross-border cooperation among higher education institutions and their attempts to shape EU policies they (could) benefit from.