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Where to stay in Belfast


Hotel prices in Belfast start at around 70-80 GBP per night. You can find quite a few around the QUB campus, south of the city centre. If you want to stay close to the conference, try to find your accommodation around the Botanical Garden and Ulster Museum.

In collaboration with Visit Belfast, we are able to offer our delegates discounts at some hotels in the city. NB: UACES is not recommending any specific hotel and it is recommended to read reviews before making bookings. Rate offers are subject to availability and we would encourage delegates to confirm cancellation policies directly with the hotel. You can also use Google and sites like to find other options.


Belfast Google maps


Belfast has also a range of cheaper hostels available. They are priced at around 50 GBP per night for shared rooms.



Another option is to look at Airbnb. You can find a room from 50 GBP or a whole apartment from 90 GBP per night.