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Conference Workouts & Wellbeing

Online sessions and UACES workout clubs

Stay Fit

Workout opportunities

We make sure that you are getting off the screen during the conference! We know how important it is to take screen breaks and get steps in each day. Our 2nd virtual conference won't tie you to the screen all day. We will mix in breaks and recorded workout sessions and will create a UACES Strava Club, so you can share your highlights with other participants.

Strava Club

We created a challenge on Strava during the conference days. 30min of a workout of your choice, including running, cycling, walking or hiking. Lock your success rate and compete against other conference participants. Sign up on the Strava app and join the group 'UACES Conference Club' or email to get an invitation.


Health sessions

Learn about how to create a healthy lifestyle including topics on Digestion and Food, Sleep and Training and Health. Those sessions will be available pre-recorded and on-demand for you throughout the conference.