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EU and US Foreign Economic Policy Responses to China

19 Dec 2023

This book examines EU and US bilateral trade and investment relations with China, their attempts to level the economic playing field and to narrow the ‘reciprocity gap’ in market openness.

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Understanding EU-NATO Cooperation

22 Dec 2022

The book examines the relationship between the EU and NATO by focusing on the perspective of member states. Highlighting the relevance of member states’ role in shaping EU-NATO relations, it conceptualises interorganisational cooperation and develops a typology of member states based on four types: advocates, blockers, balancers and neutrals.

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The EU in International Negotiations

24 Feb 2023

This book, which is aimed at scholars, practitioners, advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students, seeks to contribute to the understanding of the EU as an international negotiator by analysing a number of external policy areas where the EU to a great extent engages internationally through negotiations, including development, trade, enlargement, and withdrawal.

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Coming in: Sexual Politics and EU Accession in Serbia

15 Feb 2023

This book interrogates the normative dimensions of the EU enlargement process, with special reference to LGBT politics. Overall, it raises important questions about the politics of Europeanisation, its political and social consequences, as well as to what we consider as progress.

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Europe's Coming of Age

10 Oct 2022

European integration has had many successes and failures, Brexit being one of the biggest failures. Despite the setbacks, the EU has been acquiring more functions and members and has now reached a stage where it needs to become a political adult.

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A Troubled Constitutional Future: Northern Ireland after Brexit

17 Mar 2022

The UK's decision to leave the EU has opened up huge existential questions for Northern Ireland as it marks its centenary. Constitutional conflict in Northern Ireland had been regarded as largely resolved and settled, but Brexit has altered the wider constitutional framework.

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Research Network event

The emergence of the EU in the field of vaccination

27 Apr 2022 Online

This talk presents the “story” of the EU’s involvement in vaccination over the last 30 years and offers some reflections on the role of reputation-building dynamics in the emergence of the EU in this field.


CEFTA: shaping the region to fit into the "EU shoes"

24 Mar 2022 Online

The modern Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA) is seen as a springboard for stimulating economic development and the EU accession agenda in the Western Balkan region and Moldova. But does it fit the “EU shoes”?


The UK, Ireland and the European Union in a time of crisis

24 Mar 2022 Online

This important and timely initiative will bring together scholars from across these islands and beyond to consider and reflect on common crises, shared challenges and emerging opportunities for cooperation and collaboration.

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