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Summer school

What research agenda(s) for post-Brexit and post-Covid EU studies

14 - 17 Jun 2022 Online

The NEXTEUK PhD Summer School offers a free of charge, intensive, multidisciplinary and participatory programme at an advanced academic level, in which PhD students and early career researchers interested in European studies will be provided with a stimulating environment for intellectual exchange and academic training. 

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30 Years of EU Migration and Asylum Policies

14 Feb 2022 Online

This panel will explore the current challenges affecting migration throughout Europe. 


The Future of the EU-UK Passenger Name Records (PNR) Law Post-Brexit: On Legality, Accountability and Enforcement

24 Jan 2022 Online

Passenger Name Records (PNR) constitutes one of the thorniest areas of EU international data transfer mechanisms.


Trade and Health – When actions do not match aspirations, with Prof Meri Koivusalo

7 Oct 2021 Online

The EUHealthGov network is delighted to announce the next event in its seminar series. On Thursday 7 October at 14:00 (BST) we welcome Prof Meri Koivusalo (Tampere University, Finland). Meri will join EUHealthGov's Dr Charlotte Godziewski for a conversation about the public health implications of European Union trade agreements.


The Brexit Deterrent? How Britain's Exit has Shaped Public Support for the EU

21 Oct 2021 Online

In this lecture, Sara Hobolt examines unique survey evidence to explore the short-term and long-term impact of Brexit on public attitudes towards the European Union.

Ireland and the European Union: Economic, political and social crises

1 Oct 2021

This book examines how Ireland's relationship with the EU was affected by a succession of crises in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. The financial crisis, the Brexit crisis and the migration crisis were not of equal significance on the island of Ireland.

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Relationships on these islands: the European Union peacebuilding experience

10 Sep 2021

A one-day public workshop historicizing ideas, processes and dynamics behind EU peacebuilding initiatives.


From the EU green deal to geopolitics - A POLITICO Pro workshop

7 Sep 2021 Online

How real are the risks of a power vacuum Angela Merkel might leave in Europe? How will the empowered German Green party, which is riding high in the polls, shape the country with its major car industry and the debate around the Energiewende? What will Germany’s role be in the future in geopolitical tensions and on the EU policy level?


Understanding the EU as a Good Global Governance Actor

1 Jul 2021 Online

The EU has as its legal mission to be a good global governance actor yet is continuously challenged in the world. As a global actor, the EU is both a weak and strong actor in a divergent range of global governance areas.


POLITICO’S Competitive Europe Summit

29 - 30 Jun 2021 Online

How can Europe support the recovery while addressing its climate, digitalization, and trade ambitions? And what does that entail at a time when European policymakers and industry leaders are calling for a more strategic and sovereign Europe?

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