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Activities in Maastricht

What to do during the conference

Discover Maastricht

Every quarter in Maastricht has its own unique character. Experience the many different ambiences while strolling down the streets. 

The city centre of Maastricht is located between the St. Servatius bridge, the Market, and Vrijthof square. Perfect for an afternoon of shopping and browsing.

Wyck is one of the most charming districts of Maastricht. Be enthralled by this characteristic part of Maastricht as you walk from the station towards the city centre. Historic buildings, local businesses, and cosy shops and cafés.

The Stokstraatkwartier is highly considered by the locals and is famous for its stunning boutiques and small cafés.

The Sphinx quarter is a vibrant, up-and-coming part of Maastricht and has a whole lot more to give. It is located next to Maastricht's old harbour.

Céramique is a relatively new part of the city and boasts some stand-out architecture. Visit the theatre and the city library and discover the best spots for a good cup of coffee.

The vibrant Jeker quarter is home to cosy bistros, an old mill with a spelt bakery, and live music on the streets all year round.

Walk out of the city via Stadspark and discover Sint Pieter, a charming area of Maastricht out toward St. Pietersberg hill.

Attractions in Maastricht

Want to see some spots in Maastricht outside the conference? Scroll down and discover the 5 top attractions in Maastricht. Photo: Maastricht Marketing | nbtc

Visit Maastricht

Bisschopsmolen (Bishop’s Mill)

The Bisschopsmolen water mill is located on the Jeker quarter (10min walk from FASoS) and a must-see in Maastricht. The Bisschopsmolengang alleyway leads to the back of the building, where you can view the mill’s water wheel. Enjoy a piece of vlaai (sweet tart) in their little bakery or if you got the time make your own vlaai during one of the vlaai-baking workshops at the Bisschopsmolen. (From Visit Maastricht)


Photo: Maastricht Marketing | nbtc

Bureau Europa

Bureau Europa is a national museum of architecture located in the heart of the Euregion at the Boschstraat in Maastricht. Bureau Europa aims to be a key player in the debate about the past, present and future of the designed environment in the Euregion. (From Visit Maastricht)


The Bureau Europa website

Dominicanen Bookshop

Located in the centuries-old Dominicanenkerk (Dominican church) in Maastricht the bookshop also serves as a cultural venue, with regular lectures, debates, and music performances and even an exhibition space. Two hundred years ago, the church lost its sacred function and has since served for many years as a reptile house, bicycle shed, and ‘carnival temple’. (From Visit Maastricht)


Photo: Maastricht Marketing | Hugo Thomassen


You can find an impressive collection of old masters and modern and contemporary art in the Bonnefantenmuseum. The iconic building was designed by Italian architect Aldo Rossi. In addition, the Bonnefantenmuseum's famous Museumcafé Ipanema is a great spot for lunch. (From Visit Maastricht)


Photo: Maastricht Marketing | Jonathan Vos

Fort Sint Pieter

The fort dates from around 1700 and is still largely intact, with parts recently restored. Outside, you can enjoy an impressive and beautiful view of the city, the Meuse, and the surrounding countryside. 

Photo: Maastricht Marketing | Sam Steylaerts