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Area of Expertise: Racism and Xenophobia

A list of experts researching on Racism and Xenophobia



Area of Expertise
Area of Expertise

Country Of Residence
Country Of Residence

University of Rostock

Area of Expertise
Minorities, Central & Eastern Europe, Racism and Xenophobia, Romania

Country Of Residence

Jagiellonian University

Area of Expertise
Poland, European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), Enlargement, EU media coverage, EU - the basics; or How Does the EU Work?, Euroscepticism, Minorities, Asylum and Immigration, Equal Opportunities and Discrimination, Racism and Xenophobia, Gender, Ukraine, Serbia, Russian Federation, Central & Eastern Europe, Eastern Europe, Western Balkans, Active Learning, Research Methods

Country Of Residence

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Dr Rosa María Fernández
University of Warwick, United Kingdom
Dr Viviane Gravey
United Kingdom
Prof Charles Lees
Flinders University, Australia
Ms Frauke Ohler
Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium
Dr Laszlo Szegedi
National University of Public Service, Hungary
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HEC Paris, Spain
Dr Eleanor Brooks
University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom
University of Liverpool, United Kingdom
Dr Mary Guy
Lancaster University, United Kingdom
Prof John Ryan
IFO Munich, United Kingdom
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University of Trento, Italy
Dr Maria Garcia
University of Bath, United Kingdom
Ms Despoina Kotsi
National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece
Dr Albert Sanchez-Graells
University of Bristol, United Kingdom
Prof Henri de Waele
Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands
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