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Expert on Europe

Dr Glenn Wasson

Queen's University Belfast & History, Anthropology, Politics and Philosophy
  • English
  • French
Glenn Wasson is currently an adjunct lecturer in Politicsat Queen's University Belfast. His research explores the changing state of the bilateral relationship between the United Kingdom and France in the military field between 1956 and 1973. While this research generally centres on both countries' defence policies following the aftermath of the Suez Crisis; it further explores what lessons can be learnt for both nations in the post-Brexit period. Despite focusing on military history, my research also concerns political and international relations in this period. The research seeks to inform upon decision-making in the post-Brexit period, by seeking to draw comparisons between the Suez Crisis and Britain's departure from the EU as for a second time, the United Kingdom left France in a position where it could assume leadership of a European Community - the Eurafrica project in 1956 and the European Union in 2021.