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Dr Gallous Atabongwoung

University of Pretoria & Department of Development Studies
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I have solid media experience. I have managed, maintained, and moderated a huge volume of social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. I developed social media content calendars in weekly and monthly sessions, write, post, and share engaging and creative copy, stories, images, and videos to promote the associated brands. I also worked with content marketing associates to share and reshare content immediately after posting. I am able to increase brand recognition by more than 15% annually in key online markets.
Gallous Atabongwoung (he/his) was born in French Cameroon by English Cameroonian parents. As a postgraduate student, Gallous Atabongwoung worked as a research assistant at the Thabo Mbeki African Leadership Institute, University of South Africa ((UNISA- presently Thabo Mbeki African School of Public and International Affairs-TM-School)). Gallous Atabongwoung also served as Project Coordinator of Thabo Mbeki African Leadership Institute’s Alumni Forum. His interest includes; African and European Cultural Relations (where he obtained a Master of Arts Degree in African and European Cultural Relations), Development Studies (where he is currently pursuing a PhD on the Experience of Xenophobia among Francophone African Informal Immigrant Entrepreneurs in Pretoria), Good Governance, Democracy, Human Rights, and the Rule of Law in Africa, African Political Economy, Africa, and the Politics of International Trade (where he obtained several certificates), and Peace Building Initiatives. Gallous Atabongwoung 2022 publications include; 1. South Africa - the place of youth in a democracy of many faces, published by Alternate Horizons, University of Pretoria, 2022. 2. An Editorial: Dealing with the Past, the Pandemic, and the Future in an Intercultural Context, published by Interface Journal of European Languages and Literatures, National Taiwan University, 2022. 3. Negotiating belonging: the case of Francophone Cameroonian migrants in Pretoria, published by Acta Academica, University of the Free State, 2022. Gallous Atabongwoung was the Co-Chair of International Memory Studies Association (MSA) Africa Regional Chapter. He is currently a member of South African Association of Political Studies (SAAPS), and South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA). Gallous Atabongwoung was also the former Chairperson of Democracy and Human Rights Organizations such as; Africa solidarity for Sahrawi, Tibet Rescue Initiative in Africa, Taiwan Initiative in Africa. He is currently the Chief Operation Officer of Ophir Stone Research, Business, Human Rights and Development Consortium. Gallous Atabongwoung has hosted several international conferences, webinars, seminars and workshops that includes; Memory in Africa Transcultural Dimension (in-person) Conference in 2019, at the University of Pretoria, and Memory (Studies) in Africa: State of the Field (online) Conference in 2021 (in partnership with Memory Studies Association, University of Frankfurt, and the Johannesburg Holocaust and Genocide Centre (JHGC).