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Workshop ‘European Studies’


In 2022, the EU-Asia Institute at ESSCA was successful in obtaining the prestigious award, on the basis of a competitive call, from the European Commission of Jean Monnet Chair in European Integration for the initiative Teaching and Research in European Studies (TRES). The initiative will be developed under the leadership of Jean Monnet Chair, Professor Thomas Hoerber, Head of the EU-Asia Research Institute at ESSCA. The main objectives for TRES are to develop new publication opportunities, new courses for students and an annual summer school.

Aims and Rationale

European Studies is a dynamic and exciting field of study. It provides essential keys to understanding the functioning of contemporary society at the same time illuminating the complexity of current economic and political issues. Recent events including the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the impact of the acceleration in climate change, the European impact of the COVID pandemic, the rise of nationalism in European nations all demonstrate clearly the importance and significance of European studies as a field of enquiry and research. Equally these events illustrate the importance of ensuring that graduates from our institutions of higher education have the necessary skills to enter the job market in the face of current challenges and the transferable skills to respond to future challenges.


Call for Papers

In this context, the EU*Asia Institute at ESSCA School of Management is organising a two-day-workshop.

Two broad strands will be pursued during the workshop – firstly the history of the process of European Integration to establish the necessary underpinning to our understanding of the progress of European integration, and secondly an examination of the process of European integration today, identifying and questioning the drivers of the change that is taking place.

We are looking for interdisciplinary contributions from scholars and practitioners in the field of political science, history, economics, and legal studies:

Strand 1 History of European IntegrationStrand 2 New ideas on Europe

  • Historiography of European integration
  • The History of European integration ideas
  • The spirit of European Integration (1950s)
  • 30 years of almost no progress (1960s-1980s)?
  • The European Union (1990s)
  • The European Constitution (2000s)
  • The United States of Europe (immediate present)

Strand 2 New ideas on Europe

  • Europe in Transition
  • European integration and Language
  • European integration and Education
  • New Innovations and technology transfer
  • European integration and Sport
  • Representations of Europe in other than the written word
  • European Heritage and Tourism
  • Initiatives in Public Participation in decision making
  • Innovation in the delivery of European Studies


Please send an abstract of 150-200 words to:

‘The Routledge Resources Online: European Studies’ is envisaged as the main publication outlet for the TRES project. It is a novel initiative by Routledge to provide extensive, up to date and authoritative resources for research in European Studies prepared by high-level academics. It will be modelled on existing successful Routledge online resources.

Deadline for paper proposals: Wednesday 15 February 2023.

You will be notified if your application has been successful at the latest, two weeks after the submission date.

There are no registration fees for this workshop. Venue, lunch and coffee breaks will be covered by ESSCA.

8 - 9 Jun 2023 Angers, France