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UACES Group Member

EU-Asia Institute

ESSCA School of Management

Created in 2006 the Centre for European Integration at ESSCA School of Management has grown into an original and dynamic centre of interdisciplinary European Studies. In 2009 it had the honour of bringing the 39th Annual Research Conference of UACES for the first time to France. The Centre has since participated in numerous international projects and initiatives

In September 2014, building on this successful development, the Centre became 'The EU-Asia Institute'.

Business is both a facilitator and an object of globalisation, and managers in a globalised world need to have a comprehensive understanding of current geopolitical developments. The European Union and Asia play a major role in the shaping of the new global environment, and the complex relationship between the two regions is of increasing relevance, not only with regard to market opportunities and professional careers, but also to issues of global governance and models of regional integration.

The mission of the new Institute is to make an original contribution to the academic community of European Studies and to research on EU-Asia relations. Its aim is to provide interdisciplinary input from this academic area to a wide range of business and management-related programmes offered by ESSCA on its campuses in Angers, Paris, Budapest and Shanghai.