Provisional Programme

'What for the Next European Century?'

UACES Graduate Forum Conference 2019, Manchester, UK

This programme is provisional and subject to change.

The conference takes place in the Business School of Manchester Metropolitan University (Booth Street West, Manchester M15 6P, UK).

Lunch and teas / coffees are provided at no cost to delegates throughout the conference.

Sunday 7th July 2019

20:00 23:00

Pre-Conference Welcome Drinks

Venue TBC

Monday 8th July 2019

08:30 09:00 Registration and Tea & Coffee
09:00 09:15

Welcome Address

UACES Graduate Forum Committee

09:15 10:30

Keynote Lecture

10:30 11:00 Refreshment Break
11:00 12:30

Breakout Session 1

Panel A – EU Institutions

Chair: TBC

  • Lukas Hamrik (Masaryk University): The Personalization of Politics in the Council of the European Union
  • Daire McCormack-George (Trinity College Dublin): Regulating EU Integration: The Case of Skills
  • Eva-Maria Parker (Bocconi University): Reputation and Authority of the European Commission in the Space of Democracy
  • Blerim Vela (University of Sussex): Setting the Agenda for Institutional Changes in National Parliaments: How Does the EU Monitor and Assess the Functioning of Potential EU Candidate Countries National Parliaments?

Panel B – Brexit

Chair: TBC

  • Ngale Makia (International Graduate Center): Europe in the Age of Democratic Challenges: the Case of Brexit
  • Grace Wylie (University of Manchester): TBC
  • Jean François Clouzet (University of Geneva): The Swiss involvement in the Schengen space: a model to operationalize the Brexit ?
  • Bruno Fonseca (NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities; IPRI - Instituto Português de Relações Internacionais): Brexit: the Claiming Movement of Northern Ireland and Scotland in the Negotiation Process.

Panel C – EU Neighbours

Chair: TBC

  • Jan Niemiec (Jagiellonian University in Kraków): Privileged, Problematic or Problem Solving Partnership: The Image of the European Union in Contemporary Turkey
  • Suay Nilhan Acikalin (Middle East Technical University): Turkey and EU: Post Brexit Scenario with Complexity Theory
  • Eric Pardo (Universidad de Deusto): The EU from the Neighbourhood Policy to the Eastern Partnership: (Dis)Continuities in Bordering Practices Towards the Russian Federation
  • Tamas Dudlak (University of Pecs, Corvinus University of Budapest): Illiberal Democracies on the Edge of the European Union: A Comparison Between Hungary and Turkey
12:30 13:30

Lunch (complimentary)

13:30 15:00

Breakout Session 2

Panel A – Rule of Law and Human Rights

Chair: TBC

  • Patrik Taufar (Masaryk University Brno): EU´s External Human Rights Promotion Effectivity Challenge and the Decentring Agenda as the Potential Remedy. Illustrative case of Decentring EU´s Human Rights and Democracy Country Strategies
  • Nanuli Silagadze (Åbo AkademI, Finland): Moral Referendums in Europe: A Story of Success?
  • Romana Pinhal (University of Minho): Terrorism in the United Kingdom: Securitizing Narrative, Surveillance Practices and the Right to Privacy
  • Alžbeta Recová (Palacky University in Olomouc): The Role of Lawyers in the Rule of Law System in the EU and Its Content Changing Depending on the Development of Technology

Panel B – Education Policies

Chair: TBC

  • Daniel Neat (University of Portsmouth): Why and to What Extent Are HEIS Involved in Regional Networks and Is Their Participation a Determinant of Regional Network Sustainability?
  • Isirabahenda Gonazague (Babes-Bolyai University): Graduate Employability: A Qualitative Inquiry on Over-Qualification Among Romanian Young People
  • Alina Felder (Bamberg Graduate School of Social Sciences): Towards a Europe of Educational Regions? Patterns of Regional Integration at the Intersections of EU Regional and Higher Education Policy:

Panel B – Member States

Chair: TBC

  • Abhishank Mishra (Jawaharlal Nehru Universit): Reappraising German Power : The Post Cold War German Transformation
  • Lia Duran Mogollon (University of Siegen): Approaching Future Uncertainty: Young German Activists Framing the Environmental Discussion
  • Conor Joseph Donnan (University of Pennsylvania): Tiocfaidh ár lá – Visions for a United Ireland and Its Future in the European Union.
15:00 15:30 Refreshment Break
15:30 17:00

Breakout Session 3

Panel A – Challenges to Democracy

Chair: TBC

  • Rachel Gregory (University College Cork): Re-evaluating Women's Political Ambition in European Systems: A Methods-based Approach
  • Anthony Costello (University College Cork): Public Deliberation and the Future of Europe: Are Citizens’ Dialogues Really Enabling EU Citizens to Shape Europe’s Future?
  • Lisa Claire Whitten (Queen's University Belfast): European Futures: A Constitutionally Plural Solution OR Constitutionally Pervasive Problem? A Discussion of Constitutional Pluralism in the Northern Irish Case.
  • Dimitrios Kafteranis (University of Luxembourg): The Whistle-Blower’s Protection Directive: Reinforcing Transparency and Accountability at the EU Level

Panel B – EU Foreign and Security Policy

Chair: TBC

  • Feyyaz Baris Celik (University of Kent): Strategic Culture, Organisational Interests and Narratives: Member State Participation to Overlapping EU and NATO Operations
  • Mladen Lisanen (Institute for Political Studies, Serbia): Disinterested Capabilities: A Realist Assessment of EU Foreign and Security Policy
  • Jana Wrange (Lund University): Whose Civil Defence?
  • Moritz Neubert (Mannheim Centre for European Social Research): The European Union as an Actor in Mediation: Can Diverging Member States’ Positions Be Beneficial?

Panel C – Economic Policy

Chair: TBC

  • Sebastian Commain: (Université du Luxembourg): Regulating Banks for the Public: Financial Stability and the Public Interest in Prudential Requirement
  • Lorenzo Cecchitti (University of Bologna): Beyond the Veils of Maya: The displacement of Social Europe through the EPSR and the proposal for a Eurozone Budget
  • Sabaa Jahangir (Manchester Metropolitan University): The Effects of Economic Growth on Subjective Well-Being Across Europe: The Role of Demographics
  • Nuve Yazgan (University of Surrey): Domestic Actors and Reform in Greece During the Crisis
17:00 20:00

Drinks Reception

Venue TBC


Tuesday 9th July 2019

09:00 09:30 Registration and Tea & Coffee
09:30 11:00

Breakout Session 4

Panel A – European Identities

Chair: TBC

  • Jakob Gasperin (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (European Law School, EPEDER)): Between National and European (Constitutional) Identity
  • Gerasimos Ilinoiou-Tsourouflis (University of the Peloponnese): 2019 European Parliament Elections and the Future of Christian Democracy
  • Alexander Schilin (Leiden University): Still Moving in the Same Direction? How the Social Consequences of Differentiation Undermine the EU’s Unity
  • Tatia Tavkhelidze (Universität Viadrina): Tackling Islamophobia in Europe: The Next Century Challenge for the EU’s Integration Policy

Panel B – EU-Asia Relations

Chair: Sabaa Jahangir (Manchester Metropolitan University)

  • Till Schöfer (Hertie School of Governances): Roles, Perceptions and Redefinitions: EU Approaches to a Rising China
  • Salvatore Francesco Pio Barilla (LUISS Guido Carli / China Foreign Affairs University): EU-China Relations: The Impact of Dispute Settlement Resolution Mechanisms
  • Yuhan Cai  (Aberystwyth University): Germany’s Dilemma in the Face of the EU and China: Key Factors That Shape German Response to Chinese Investment
  • Jiangtian Xu  (University of East Anglia): Can Japan Help EU to Make New International Regimes? Game Theory Analysis on Japan-EU Relations

Panel C – Environment and Climate

Chair: TBC

  • Sean Heron (Queen's University Belfast): A (Not So) Common Framework – Asymmetrical Mixed Devolution and Environmental Governance After Brexit
  • Laura Gelhaus (University of Warwick): The Common Agricultural Policy as foreign policy: the future of EU external relations?
  • Claire Godet (ARENA, Centre for European Studies, University of Oslo): Criticism as Fuel for Legitimacy: The EU and Its Controversial Climate Policies
  • Carlos Barvo-Laguna (Institut Barcelona d' Estudis Internacionals (IBEI) / Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF)): Trans-European Crisis Management Under the Volcano: The Case of the Icelandic Ash Cloud
11:00 11:30 Refreshment Break
11:30 13:00

Breakout Session 5

Panel A – Migration

Chair: TBC

  • Samson Maekele Tsegay (University of Roehampton): Exploring the Early Experiences of Highly Educated Migrants in the UK
  • Cheslava Namoniuk (Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv): Interdisciplinary Research in International Migration Studies: EU Crises Case
  • Amy Manktelow (Nottingham Trent University): The Securitization of EU External Migration Control and Mechanisms: The Manipulation Behind the Cooperation
  • Nur Suhaili Binti Ramli (Ca' Foscari University of Venice ): A Comparative Study of Entrepreneurial Opportunity Identification Between Immigrant Entrepreneurs and Non-Immigrant Entrepreneurs in Europe
  • Natasa Urosevic (University of Pula): Euro-Mediterranean Borders and Crossings - the Croatian Perspective

Panel B – Re-theorising Europe

Chair: TBC

  • Thomasz Braun (Lazarski University): Ecology - a Unifying Idea for the Next European Century
  • Manuel Pietzko   (University Würzburg): Beyond Resilience: The European Union’s Self-Perception as Described in Its Global Strategy 
  • Marion Greziller (University of Manchester): Feminist Power Europe? A Practice-Based Feminist Institutionalist Approach to Women, Peace and Security
  • Jan Lepeu (College of Europe): Normative Power Europe and the Globalization of the International Society: An Anatomy of the European Union’s Fragile Normative Power in the 21st Century

Panel C – Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) and Security

Chair: TBC

  • Yichen Zhong (Aston University)  : European Agencification in Justice and Home Affair: A Way Towards Regulatory Union?
  • Neza Subic (University College Dublin): Taking a Step Forward: A Normative Argument for the Protection of Social Rights in the Context of the European Arrest Warrant  
  • Filiz Doğan (Leiden University): Europe As a Global Actor? Common Security and Defense Policy Question and British and German Role
  • Eva Saeva  (Newcastle Law School):The Next Cybersecurity Challenge: Is the EU Prepared to Be a Leader in Cyberspace?
13:00 14:00 Lunch (Provided) - Entrance Hall, Aud. Jean Monnet
14:00 15:30


'Europe in times of rising populism: What to expect in the future?'

Chair: Olga Litvyak (Université de Lausanne, Graduate Forum Committee)


Conference Closes