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European Union Governance and Policy-Making, Second Edition: A Canadian Perspective

25 Jul 2023

European Union Governance and Policy-Making introduces the politics of the European Union (EU) to a student audience. The book is explicitly written for students enrolled in universities in Canada, or other non-EU countries, and builds on their academic background.

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The Politics of Social In/Exclusion in the EU

14 Jun 2023

This volume provides an updated analysis of the most significant constitutive aspects for the political sociology of the EU. It examines in detail how civic and political activism regarding the inclusion and integration of gender and sexual minorities, as well as migrants and refugees, have become substantial forces in Europe today.

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The EU in International Negotiations

24 Feb 2023

This book, which is aimed at scholars, practitioners, advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students, seeks to contribute to the understanding of the EU as an international negotiator by analysing a number of external policy areas where the EU to a great extent engages internationally through negotiations, including development, trade, enlargement, and withdrawal.

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The EU's Response to Brexit

3 Apr 2023

This book is the first detailed analysis of how the EU responded to Brexit. It is an important reference point for future studies of the Brexit negotiations. The authors conducted in-depth interviews with key institutional players in Brussels and in several member states to document how the EU handled the first-ever exit of one of its members.

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Frontex and the Rising of a New Border Control Culture in Europe

2 Mar 2023

This book examines the rapidly expanding EU agency’s distinct role in EU border control, showing that Frontex is a prominent border control actor that reshapes the EU borders by promoting a new border control culture.

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Estimative Intelligence in European Foreign Policymaking

7 Nov 2022

The first comparative study of estimative intelligence and strategic surprise in a European context, complementing and testing insights from previous studies centred on the United States.

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Migrant Academics’ Narratives of Precarity and Resilience in Europe

15 Dec 2022

Open Access book by Dr Olga Burlyuk and Dr Ladan Rahbari.

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Regionalism in Africa and External Partners

1 Nov 2022

The book’s two comprehensive mapping studies examine patterns of asymmetric inter-dependence between regionalism in Africa and external partners in Europe.

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The European Union, Emerging Global Business and Human Rights

21 Nov 2022

This book aims to investigate the conditions under which the European Union and its Member States regulate and remedy human rights violations by corporations from emerging and developing states.

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The Nested Games of Brexit

2 Jun 2022

This book offers a novel perspective on the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, providing insights to the ways in that domestic concerns interact with European policy to produce sometimes counter-intuitive outcomes.

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