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Submit a CES Proposal

How to submit a proposal for the UACES/Routledge Contemporary European Studies Series

Submitting a Proposal

The Submission Process

  • Create your Proposal. This must include:
    • A complete book proposal (see guidelines for layout and the criteria by which the proposal will be judged)

    • CV of author(s)/editor(s)

    • One of two sample chapters

  • Send your proposal to all three of the CES Editors

  • The proposal is then sent to an independent academic reviewer in order to get advice on the quality, conent and marketability of the book. This process normally takes 8-12 weeks but can be longer.

  • If the reviews are positive and the project is endorsed by the Series Editors, the proposal is then sent to Routledge for final approval

What happens if my proposal is accepted?

  • If your proposal is accepted you will receive a draft contract, which you sign and return to Routledge. The contract includes an agreed date for the delivery of the manuscript.
  • Once the book has been written and delivered, you will liaise with a desk-editor at Routledge over the copy-editing and production process.
  • Routledge will then publish, market and sell the book as part of the CES Series.

Guidelines for Submissions

The guidelines for creating your proposal are available to download as a PDF here.