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NORTIA - Foreign Policy Research in times of Covid-19 Restrictions

NORTIA - Network on Research and Teaching in EU Foreign Affairs

About the network

As a participant member of NORTIA, UACES continuely supports the network in their multimedia productions, activities and events. The NORTIA network has been very active during the past year, but due to the current travel restrictions their 3rd annual conference needed to be canceled.

NORTIA aims to develop, deepen and strengthen a global community of senior and junior scholars and to actively engage that community with the wider policy world. The scholarly goal is to apply lessons learned from 50 years of foreign policy cooperation to the challenges of a potentially fragmenting global order and Europe’s own existential crises.

Does size matter in tackling the crisis?

What lessons to be drawn from EU member states responses in terms of European and international cooperation? What interpretations of European solidarity, resilience, sovereignty?

This webinar was co-organised with the Jean Monnet Chair TeDEUSS – Teaching and Debating EU Small states' Security at Charles University Prague.

Speakers: Niels van Willigen (Leiden University), Magdalena Gora (Jagiellonian University Krakow), Oriol Costa (IBEI Barcelona), Tomas Weiss (Charles University Prague)

Chairs: Heidi Maurer (NORTIA & University of Bristol)

NORTIA - Foreign Policy Research in times of Covid-19 Restrictions

This podcast is a recording of the NORTIA webinar 'Foreign Policy Research in times of Covid-19 Restrictions'.

Speakers: Federica Bicchi (EUI/LSE); Carlos Bravo (IBEI), Marianna Lovato (University College Dublin)

Chair: Heidi Maurer (University of Bristol)

NORTIA roundtable: EU, WTO and regulatory cooperation post-Covid19


Speaker: Kalypso Nicolaidis (University of Oxford & St. Anthony´s), Ignacio Garcia-Bercero (DG Trade & St. Anthony´s College, University of Oxford), Alasdair Young (Georgia Tech)

Chair: Heidi Maurer (NORTIA/University of Bristol) and Federica Bicchi (EUI/LSE)

NORTIA roundtable: Covid-19, the EU and geopolitics

What lessons to be drawn from Covid-19 response about EU global actorness? What added value from EU foreign policy to get out of the crisis economically and politically?

Speakers: Ben Tonra (University College Dublin), Helene Sjursen (ARENA, University of Oslo), Kolja Raube (KU Leuven)

Chair: Federica Bicchi (EUI & LSE)