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Ideas on Europe - euradio

A weekly editorial on euradio

A short podcast series

Every Friday, a member of the Association addressed a current topic in the field of European Studies.

The kick-off for the weekly editorial on euradio was made by newly elected Chair of UACES Simon Usherwood, Professor at the Open University.

Simon Usherwood “Ideas on Europe” – 08/10/2021

Simon Usherwood introduces UACES to the audience and gives an insight into his research background.

Helen Drake about Franco-British diplomacy – 15/10/2021

Helen Drake, Director of the Institute for Diplomacy and International Governance at Loughborough University London, was welcomed as second to the podcast series on euradio, talking about her research.

Borja Garcia and the “European Model of Sport” – 22/10/2021

Borja Garcia from Loughborough University is giving an insight into his research.

Mechthild Roos and the democratic roots of the European integration project – 29/10/2021

UACES Committee Member Mechthild Roos from the University of Augsburg was welcomed to the series as well. She took listeners back to the democratic roots of the European integration project and explained what her research says about these origins.

Why crises don't make the EU stronger – 05/11/2021

As part of the series, Simona Guerra from the University of Surrey explained why crises don't make the EU stronger.

Social Europe, past and future – 11/11/2021

In the 6th episode of the series 'Ideas on Europe' UACES member Rebecca Zahn from the University of Strathclyde talked about the past and the future of Social Europe.

Right-wing populism in Europe: the new normal – 19/11/2021

Daniele Albertazzi from the University of Surrey was welcomed to the series to talk about his research.

What is Brexit for? Good question! – 26/11/2021

Simon Usherwood contributed to the weekly editorial again, talking about Brexit and arguing the UK hasn’t decided what Brexit is for.