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Ideas on Europe - euradio

A weekly editorial on euradio

A short podcast series

Every Friday, a member of the Association addressed a current topic in the field of European Studies.

The kick-off for the weekly editorial on euradio was made by newly elected Chair of UACES Simon Usherwood, Professor at the Open University.

Prof Simon Usherwood: “Ideas on Europe”

Prof Simon Usherwood introduces UACES to the audience and gives an insight into his research background.

Prof Helen Drake about Franco-British diplomacy

Prof Helen Drake, Director of the Institute for Diplomacy and International Governance at Loughborough University London, was welcomed as second to the podcast series on euradio, talking about her research.

Dr Borja Garcia and the “European Model of Sport”

Dr Borja Garcia from Loughborough University is giving an insight into his research.

Dr Mechthild Roos and the democratic roots of the European integration project

UACES Committee Member Dr Mechthild Roos from the University of Augsburg was welcomed to the series as well. She took listeners back to the democratic roots of the European integration project and explained what her research says about these origins.

Why crises don't make the EU stronger

As part of the series, Dr Simona Guerra from the University of Surrey explained why crises don't make the EU stronger.

Social Europe, past and future

In the 6th episode of the series 'Ideas on Europe' UACES Member Dr Rebecca Zahn from the University of Strathclyde talked about the past and the future of Social Europe.

Right-wing populism in Europe: the new normal

Prof Daniele Albertazzi from the University of Surrey was welcomed to the series to talk about his research.

What is Brexit for? Good question!

Prof Simon Usherwood contributed to the weekly editorial again, talking about Brexit and arguing the UK hasn’t decided what Brexit is for. 

The Bulgarian Electoral Roller-Coaster

Dr Nastasza Styczynska from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow puts the „electoral roller coaster” into a wider perspective.

Cultural Divides – the Role of Affective Polarisation

A podcast by Dr Roula Nezi for Ideas on Europe on eu!radio.


The UK’s Turing Scheme: replacing Erasmus+ ?

Prof Paul James Cardwell talks about the new introduced Turing Scheme. What is it and how does it work?

EU Strategic Autonomy : Now or Never?

Prof Amelia Hadfield, who is Director of the Centre for Britain and Europe at the University of Surrey, analyses the EU's strategic autonomy.

Ireland and the European Union – Much More than Brexit

Dr Kathryn Simpson from Manchester Metropolitan University shares her perspective on Ireland’s relationship with the EU.

Brexit Special, Two Years on

Dr Nicholas Startin reflects on the last 2 years of Brexit.

Human Rights, Diplomacy, and Sporting Boycotts

With the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Prof Carmen Pérez González shared her thoughts on 'Human Rights, Diplomacy, and Sporting Boycotts' in a new episode of 'Ideas on Europe'

The EU Foreign Policy Paradox

Prof Ben Tonra from University College Dublin talks about the EU and its Foreign policy challenges.

Covid-19 Policies: How does Political Trust Make a Difference in Responding to a Common Crisis?

Together with three colleagues, Dr Theofanis Exadaktylos published a book on “Policy Styles and Trust in the Age of Pandemics” and gives insights into the topic.

Paradiplomacy – How Cities Shape International Relations

Dr Joanna Ciesielska-Klikowska from the University of Lodz explains the term “paradiplomacy" and how the European Union looks at “paradiplomatic” initiatives.

The Forthcoming Hungarian Election

Daniel Hegedüs from the Berlin Office of the German Marshall Fund of the US talks about the Hungarian election.

We Don’t Want to Play Anymore

Dr Borja García shares his thoughts on the sanctions on the Russian sports community.

Serbia’s Risky Meandering between the East and the West

Dr Natasza Styczyńska explains the factors that make Belgrade meander between the EU and Russia.


The French Presidential Elections 2022 in Seven Easy Lessons

Prof Helen Drake shares the perspective from a UK-based researcher on the French presidential election.

The Northern Ireland Assembly Election 2022

Dr Clare Rice, from University of Liverpool has worked on a research project called “Performing identities”. She tells us about her findings in this podcast episode.

The Future of Peace on Our Continent

Dr Dorina Baltag, researcher at the Institute of Diplomacy and International Governance at Loughborough University London, talks about how it will be possible to ensure peace in Europe in the future.

The Unreliability of Compassion

Dr Mechthild Roos has worked on refugees and asylum policies and explains why compassion and solidarity are not reliable in the context of asylum.

The Far Right’s Glass Ceiling

Dr Nicholas Startin has been following French elections for decades and is an expert of the Radical Right. He shares his perspective on the results of the recent French elections.

The Early Women of European Integration

Dr Simona Guerra talks about women in the context of European integration in a recent episode of 'Ideas on Europe'.

“Does Emmanuel Macron have a plan for the EU?”

UACES Chair Prof Simon Usherwood was once again invited to the weekly editorial 'Ideas on Europe'. He reflects on Emmanuel Macron’s speech to the European Parliament on # Europe Day in this podcast episode.

Is Europe Dependent on China ?

John Seaman from the French Institute of International Relations (or IFRI) in Paris analyses the question 'Is Europe Dependent on China?'.

The EU’s Women, Peace, and Security Agenda

Miriam Mona Mukalazi from the University of Düsseldorf examines the EU’s “Women, Peace, and Security” agenda in her PhD research. She shares insights of her research in this episode of Ideas on Europe.

COVID Lessons for European Higher Education

How has higher education changed after COVID? UACES Member Dr Patrick Bijsmans shares the lessons he learned after the pandemic.

Can the EU Please Everyone in Climate Politics?

UACES Member Dr Baris Celik shares insights into the EU’s environmental politics.

What is the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill?

UACES Member Dr Billy Melo Araujo is an expert in international trade law. He is sharing his perspective on the British government's decision to introduce legislation unilaterally overriding key aspects of the NI Protocol.

Four Months Into the War in Ukraine

Four months exactly after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, where are we now? In the recent podcast episode of 'Ideas on Europe', UACES Member Prof Amelia Hadfield from the University of Surrey shares her thoughts on the war and what the EU should do next.