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Graduate Forum Research Conference 2022 in Maastricht

Maastricht at 30: What next for Europe?

The 2022 conference was held at Maastricht University on 23-24 June. To look upon past, present and possible futures for Europe from an academic perspective master's students, doctoral students and early-career researchers from across the field of European Studies were invited to submit paper and panel proposals addressing the theme of 'Maastricht at 30: What next for Europe?'.

30 Years Since the Signing of the Maastricht Treaty


The panel took place in Maastricht, on 23 June 2022 at 18:00 as part of the Graduate Forum Research Conference 2022. The panellists looked back at the historical processes that led to the signing of the Treaty, the changes that it precipitated across Europe and its legacy today. They also considered what the future looks like for the European project at a time of rising populism and war on our continent. Roundtable

Chair: Prof Esther Versluis, Maastricht University

Speakers: Andrew Duff (former MEP), Noelle O’Connell (CEO, European Movement Ireland), Prof Mathieu Segers (Maastricht University)