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EU Health Governance

Activities by the UACES Research Network

Welcome to EUHealthGov

EUHealthGov is a network of academics, practitioners, researchers, policy-makers and other professionals interested in EU health law and policy. Through its website, blog and Twitter account, the network aims to provide a hub for the exchange of ideas and information on all things EU health governance.


Meet the UACES Research Network and coordinators Eleanor Brooks, Charlotte Godziewski, and Mary Guy. More on their Research Network page.

A Health Advocacy view on the EU Vaccine Strategy

On 26 May 2021 the EUHealthGov Network welcomed Yannis Natsis (European Public Health Alliance) to discuss the EU Vaccine Strategy. The session was chaired by Eleanor Brooks and features an introduction to EUHealthGov and some of the other exciting initiatives in EU health studies from Charlotte Godziewski and Mary Guy.

In Conversation with Prof Meri Koivusalo - Trade and Health: When Actions do not match Aspirations

This event is part of the UACES research Network EU Health Governance. The EUHealthGov network is bringing together academics from a range of disciplines (political science, law, sociology, public health, medicine, political economy) and practitioners from a variety of professions (within the EU institutions, health advocacy groups, think-tanks), to explore the governance of health in the EU. The network is organised by Eleanor Brooks, Charlotte Godziewski and Mary Guy.

EU Competition Policy and Healthcare: Starter Questions for Futur Directions

Recent literature includes suggestions that the future contours of EU competition policy in healthcare may be shaped by dynamics between the EU institutions; a refocusing of the “undertaking” concept to give greater priority to public interests, including in the healthcare context; and further clarification of the applicability of EU competition law to recognise national political aspirations for intervening in healthcare systems. This panel builds on these considerations to discuss current challenges, and brings together perspectives from political science and law, as well as national and EU levels.

Speakers: Professor Johan van de Gronden (Radboud University Nijmegen), Dr Mary Guy (Lancaster), Dr Andrew Morton (Leeds), Dr Bruno Nikolić (Ljubljana), Dr Marc Wiggers (Loyens Loeff Amsterdam)

Discussing the Emergence of the EU in the Field of Vaccination Using a Reputational Approach

A discussion hosted by UACES Research Network EUHealthGov, the European Union Health Governance Network.

With Dr Thibaud Deruelle.

Equitable and Green EU Public Health - Perspectives from Dorota Sienkiewicz


On 6 July 2022, EUHealthGov held its fifth online seminar. We had the pleasure to welcome Dorota Sienkiewicz, Senior Policy Coordinator at EuroHealthNet, for a practitioner perspective on the ‘triple-win’ approach for EU public health to combine action on climate, health, and social equity. Read the full summary here.