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UACES Group Member

Institute of European Studies

Jagiellonian University

The Institute of European Studies was founded in 2004, after 11 years of functioning as Chair/Centre for European Studies at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland. Since then we have been running BA and MA courses in European Studies, and together with colleagues from the Faculty, we offer also PhD in Cultural Studies.

Our academic courses cover the whole spectrum of social, cultural, political, economic and historical aspects of European integration and European Union, being specific in interdisciplinary and broad approach. As Institute we are quite active in international research cooperation and grants, focusing on European identity, Europeanization processes, local aspects of integration, democratic control and legitimization of European politics, the concept of urban governance, migration processes in Europe - to name the main ones. With partners from Banska Bistrica, Pecs and Brno we have lately established Joint MA Degree course in International Relations - Europe from Visegrad Perspective, and we continue to offer MA double-degrees with the universities in: Vienna, Strasbourg, Padova, Kent, and - within Erasmus Mundus established nets - Undergraduate Study Abroad programme, as well as MA in Euroculture, International Masters in Russian, Central and East European Studies (University of Glasgow), and International Masters in Economy, State and Society (University College of London).