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UACES Group Member

European Studies - Postgraduate Centre

University of Vienna

The postgraduate master's program in European Studies (60 ECTS) offered at the University of Vienna equips students with academic, practice-oriented and interdisciplinary knowledge of the economic, legal, political and socio-cultural development perspectives of European integration. Furthermore, it aims at analyzing specifics of information and knowledge management within the European Union. There are two options: one year (full-time basis from October-September) or 4 semesters (part-time basis). Admission requires a university degree as well as good German and English skills in order to follow the lectures.

The postgraduate program comprises five compulsory modules:

  • The EU as a Legal Area
  • Politics and Governance in Europe
  • Europe in the Age of Globalisation
  • Structure and Change of European Societies
  • Theory and Practice.

The program is targeted at people who work or would like to work with national and multinational corporations, banks, the insurance industry, institutions in the field of social and culture management, national administrations, European and international organizations, as well as in continuing education and training. It aims at expanding the participants' individual potential for innovation, their subject-specific competencies and their personal experience.