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UACES Group Member

European School of Political and Social Sciences

Université Catholique de Lille

Created in 1875, the Catholic University of Lille is a multidisciplinary establishment unique in France which brings together 5 Faculties, 20 Schools, Grandes Écoles and Institutes, and a hospital group.

The largest private non-profit university in France, the Catholic University of Lille bases its action in the fields of higher education and research, and that of care, on the proposition of the human and Christian values ​​that animate it. from the beginning. Humanist and open to diversity, since its founding, it has been part of a territory that supports it as much as it seeks to make it succeed.

With creativity and innovation as a common thread, the Catholic University of Lille participates, in close collaboration with its partners, in the construction of the world of tomorrow through its research projects, entrepreneurship, inclusion of the most vulnerable populations. vulnerable and energy and societal transition.

The Catholic University of Lille is a multidisciplinary establishment (FUPL) made up of 5 faculties, 20 Grandes Écoles, Schools and Institutes, offering numerous training possibilities in the following fields:
• Law, Economy, Management, Management,
• Innovation and Design Thinking,
• Letters and Human Sciences, Theology, Ethics, Pedagogy,
• Health, Social,
• Sciences, Technologies, Digital
• Political Science, International Relations