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Université Catholique de Lille

The history of the Catholic University of Lille began in 1875 with its five founding faculties, which have since provided instruction to many generations of students to guide them through social, political and economic changes at regional, national and international levels.

Political science is a discipline of excellence which ensures good career prospects and a real opening to the international scene. ESPOL, the European School of Political and Social Sciences, offers an interdisciplinary education geared towards careers in politics and Europe. Heir to the School of Social and Political Sciences, created within the Catholic University of Lille in 1894, ESPOL emphasizes human values and an ethic of responsibility essential for orientation in the contemporary world.

This bilingual French-English programme offers an approach to political science through an original and innovative teaching method. The pedagogical curriculum in the 1st and 2nd cycles gives ESPOL graduates the keys to succeed in an increasingly competitive labour market: theoretical knowledge and inventiveness, professionalism and intellectual curiosity, skills and a sense of initiative. European, multilingual, in tune with the times, ESPOL provides you with the necessary background to succeed in your professional integration in Europe and beyond!

ESPOL is founded on three core principles:

  • Teaching: Original ways of learning and new courses make ESPOL an innovative school in terms of pedagogy.

  • Research: Our teachers and researchers actively contribute to the renewal of knowledge in political science.

  • Service to society: ESPOL-LAB projects such as “Just Conservation”, “Reconnect” or “OCTAV” are aimed at proposing solutions to major societal problems.