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UACES Group Member

Department of Political Science

Universiteit Gent

The Ghent Institute for International and European Studies is the political science pillar of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at Ghent University. Established in 2005, CEUS has been attracting a growing number of students and researchers.

Research focuses on decision-making in the EU on the one hand, and on the 'soft' dimension of Europe's external action (enlargement, trade policy, development cooperation and humanitarian aid, etc.) on the other. Several PhDs have been successfully concluded at the Centre, whilst numerous others are being conducted, especially in the area of EU external relations. The Centre for EU Studies constitutes the driving force behind the one-year Master’s programme in EU Studies at Ghent University. Unique in Flanders, the Master’s programme familiarises students with the workings of the EU institutions and the major EU policy domains. Staff members also contribute to the public debate on EU current affairs issues.