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Call for New JCMS Editors

JCMS is among the Top 20 Journals in International Relations, the Top 40 in Political Science and the Top 80 in Economics.

Applications Invited

UACES and Wiley invite applications for the positions of Editors of JCMS: Journal of Common Market Studies.

We are seeking to appoint an interdisciplinary editorial team of scholars of international standing, that have clear strategic objectives and a credible delivery plan for their realisation.

The Journal is the leading interdisciplinary, international journal for research and scholarship in the field of European integration and European Union Studies. It covers the full range of European Union (EU) activities, as well as theoretical aspects of integration including comparative regionalism. The journal is interdisciplinary in scope and includes contributions from political science, international relations, economics, law, sociology and contemporary history. 

Each year JCMS publishes six issues plus the Annual Review.

Since 2017, the journal has continued to publish high quality submissions including:

Special Issues on:

  • Europe’s Hybrid Foreign Policy (Mai’a K. Davis Cross and Ireneusz Pawel Karolewski)
  • EU Refugee Policies and Politics in Times of Crisis (Arne Niemann and Natascha Zaun)
  • Liberal Intergovernmentalism and its Critics (Mareike Kleine and Mark Pollack)
  • Rethinking the European Social Market Economy (Rutger Claassen, Anna Gerbrandy, Sebastiaan Princen and Mathieu Segers)
  • Collective Identities and the Integration of Core State Powers (Theresa Kuhn and Francesco Nicoli)

The new Editorial team would be appointed to phase-in their work from January 2022 and their term would start on 1 July 2022.

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Further Information

Rationale and Aims

The JCMS is devoted to the study of European integration and European Union studies. It embraces theory, empirical work and policy analysis, and is interdisciplinary in character. The core disciplines are politics and economics, but contributions from law and other cognate disciplines that help to advance understanding of the politics or economics of European integration including comparative regionalism are also welcome. The Journal publishes high quality, original articles that are peer-reviewed. The Journal is committed to the highest academic standards. The journal aims to be accessible to policy-makers and practitioners and seeks to encourage informed debate on European issues. Its primary focus is the European Union, but it is also open to comparative work and to research on other aspects of European studies.


JCMS is jointly owned by Wiley and UACES and both have an interest in the strategic development of the Journal. Wiley has responsibility for marketing, administrative and production arrangements. UACES is responsible for overseeing the Editorial arrangements. All editorial aspects, including the day to day running of the Journal, are the responsibility of the Editors.


JCMS is currently published six times a year: in January, March, May, July, September and November. Issue 1 in January is a Special Issue. In addition, the JCMS Annual Review of the European Union is published as an extra ‘seventh’ issue and comes out in September. The Annual Review is subject to separate editorial arrangements, although liaison with the JCMS Editors is required.

Editorial Responsibilities

The Editors carry full responsibility for the publication of the JCMS and for its editorial strategy. The Editorial team is responsible for production of six issues each year. Editors are responsible for identifying referees, quality control, and for corresponding with authors. The Editors are responsible for ensuring that the production schedule is adhered to. This responsibility includes liaising with the publisher concerning the day-to-day management of the publication arrangements. The publisher will provide administrative and editorial support for the journal. The Editorial team has a broad remit to promote the Journal in the wider academic and policy-making constituencies. They are also expected to liaise with the publisher and provide input and feedback into the marketing plans developed by Wiley to support their editorial strategy.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

The Editors must adhere to and advance Wiley’s and UACES’s commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion. The current editorial team have worked hard to develop this area of the journal and it is important to both UACES and Wiley that there is no regression on this front.

The JCMS diversity statement is as follows:

JCMS: Journal of Common Market Studies is committed to scholarship that is respectful of diversity. Diversity in our journal includes considering and publishing scholarship from scholars with different institutional affiliations, different nationalities, and at different stages of their professional careers; In particular, we encourage submissions from those that are underrepresented within academia, due to race, ethnicity, gender identity, disability, or other protected characteristics.  We especially encourage our authors to engage with and cite sources historically excluded from academia and engage with the work of scholars based in the countries about which they are writing. We expect guest-editors of symposia and special issues to ensure gender balance of authors and to include an appropriate institutional and geographical mix.

Manuscript Management

JCMS uses an online submission system called ScholarOne ManuscriptsTM. All Editors will be required to be familiar (or become familiar) with this system. Training will be provided.

Special Issues

Currently, one issue each year is set aside for a Special Issue. The theme is chosen by the Editors following an open call for proposals. The Editors are required to work with the Guest Editor(s) to ensure that the required standards of the journal are met.

Book Reviews

Book reviews are the responsibility of separate Review Editors.

Editorial Board / Editorial Advisory Board

The Editors of the JCMS are supported by an Editorial Board and an Editorial Advisory Board. In both cases, membership is subject to approval of the UACES Committee of Trustees. The role of the Editorial Boards is generally to support the Editors in the matters relating to Editorial policy, including the development of the Journal over the longer term.


The Editorship of the JCMS carries with it an honorarium. In addition, the Editors will have a substantial budget available to them to help them carry out their role as Editors. This includes provision for conference attendance, marketing the journal and annual lectures.

In consultation with the Editors, the budget is reviewed and approved each year by UACES. The first budget period for the incoming Editors will be for the year commencing 1 January 2023 to 31 December 2023.

Other Responsibilities

The Editors, by their appointment, become Trustees of UACES, a registered charity in England and Wales. This does require the Editors to join UACES as a member if they are not already. The Editors are expected to be represented at meetings of the UACES Committee (of Trustees), as well as the UACES Annual General Meeting.

The Editors will also be responsible for running the JCMS blog which is published on Ideas on Europe:

How to apply

Applications should consist of a detailed plan for the team's tenure as editors and a CV for each member of the editorial team. The detailed plan should be no more than 8 sides of A4 and the CVs should not exceed 10 sides of A4. Applicants will need to demonstrate that they would have the full support of their department should they be appointed and be able to specify others who would be part of the editorial team if necessary. The detailed plan should explain how the team will develop the journal during their 5-year term whilst maintaining its excellent reputation. The team should be able to demonstrate their alignment with UACES’s charitable objectives as well as the Association's and the journal's commitment to EDI.

We actively encourage applications from those who are less well-represented in our discipline including women, BIPOC and LGBTQI+ academics.

Applications should arrive by Friday 13 August 2021.

We strongly encourage prospective candidates to make contact well in advance of the deadline to express interest and ask any questions.

Applications should be sent by email to UACES at and will be acknowledged on the next working day. If you do not receive this acknowledgement, please contact us before the deadline.


Short-listed applicants will be invited to attend an interview online in the week beginning 13 September 2021 (tbc). The interview panel will consist of representatives from UACES, Wiley and JCMS. An appointment will be made thereafter.

Start Date

The incoming Editors will be responsible for new submissions from 1 January 2022 onwards, and would have Editorial control from 1 July 2022. This coincides with Volume 60.


The appointment is for a period of five years, subject to a probationary period. The Editorship can be extended by an additional two years, subject to agreement by the owners. The maximum term of the Editorship is seven years.

End Date

A five-year appointment would end on 30 June 2027. This coincides with Volume 65, Issue 5 which will be published in September 2027. The Editors, if seeking to extend their appointment, are required to express their intentions to UACES by September 2025. If extended, the appointment would end on 30 June 2029. This coincides with Volume 67, Issue 5 which will be in published in September 2029.


Questions should be directed to: