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Expert on Europe

Prof Dr Antonietta Elia

University of Santiago de Compostela (on leave) &
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Media Experience
Report of few webinars by the Indian Press; Quoted by some Mexican Online News Platforms; Guest at the Galician TV News; Report of the Intervention to the III Eurasia Law Meeting by Turkish Press; Report of the participation to the Turkish Constitutional Court Anniversary Coference by the Turkish Press
Prof. Dr. Antonietta Elia, 2022 Finalist to the Pro Human Rights Prize, International Category (Madrid, Spain); 2021 Internationally Nominee to the Global Leadership Prize, Elliasson Tallberg Foundation; 2020 North South Prize of the Council of Europe as Member of the Mediterranean Network of Experts on Climate Change (MedECC); 2019 Former Candidate to the Italian Seat of the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture, from 2012 to 2022 has been Senior Associate Fellow/Associate Professor in Law, University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain). In 2021 She received the positive evaluation to Distinguished Professor of International Law with highest score (50/50), in the framework of the Spanish Program for Requalification of the University System. From 2020 to 2022, Visiting Professor of International Law and Human Rights, Interamerican Academy of Human Rights, Saltillo (Mexico); Member of the International Advisory Board of the Geeta Institute of Law (India, 2021-); Member of the Research and Board of Directors of the Centre for Environment, Human Security and Governance (Morocco, 2021-). As Senior Scholar, delivered lectures in in presence and online worldwide. Previous appointments include the Visiting Professorship of International Law at DEHUKAM, Ankara University (Türkiye, 2021-) as like as the Visiting Professorship of International Law and Human Rights at China Youth University of Political Sciences (China, 2016-2017). At the same time, since 2018 She serves as International Senior Expert. As a Practitioner She has been, inter alia, External Associate Legal Expert at the Former European Asylum Support Office (EASO, 2020-2022); Council of Europe Selected Legal Expert for European Human Rights Standards Implementation Projects in Armenia, Turkey, and Moldova (2018-); UNAIDS Expert Practitioner on Human Rights and HIV (2018-); and Vice-Director of the International Council for Diplomacy and Dialogue (France, 2020-). In 2021 She also served as Human Rights Senior Expert at the Italian Interministerial Committee for Human Rights. Specialized in International Law, Comparative Constitutional Law and EU Law, Dr. Elia is a fully engaged Scholar and Practitioner in the field of human rights law and policies. Her academic and professional interests include the relationships between human rights and environment. She is Member of many international cooperative projects on different subjects and served in 2019-2020 as Reviewer for the Research Agency of the Republic of Serbia. Dr. Elia is Editorial Board Member of numerous international specialized journals, and of many professional networks and international associations, including the Climate Change Litigation Network at the Sabin Center, Columbia University (US). Dr. Elia delivered seminars and presentations at many international conferences in US, EU, China, South Korea, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, India, Argentina, Chile and Mexico. Grateful to her high level of engagement, full availability to support and mentor students around the world, in 2021 has been nominated to the Global Leadership Prize.