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Prof Daniela Irrera

University of Catania & Dept of Political & Social Sciences
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Professor Irrera is regular commentator, and contributes to policy briefs, blog posts of expert networks, and to mass media on major international issues.
Daniela Irrera is professor of Political Science and International Relations at the Schhol of Advanced Defence Studies, in Rome. She has previously served as associate professor of International Relations at the Department of Political and Social Sciences of the University of Catania. She has served as Chair of the MA program in Global Politics and Euromediterranean Relations (GLOPEM), as Vice-Coordinator of the PhD Programme in Political Sciences, Institutional Erasmus Coordinator of the University of Catania. She is currently member of the ECPR Executive Committee, Chair of the ECPR Working Group on Academic Freedom, co-convenor of the BISA Working Group on Foreign Policy, associate editor of the Journal of Contemporary European Studies, co-editor of the Springer book series on Non-State Actors in International Relations, together with Marianna Charountaki, co-editor (together with Hana Kubatova) of the Blog Series on Constraints to Academic Freedom, as part of the ECPR blog TheLoop. She is Visiting professor of Political Violence and Terrorism at the OSCE Academy, Bishkek. Her simulation model, Game of Peace, has been awarded in a competition on European teaching practices that enhance learning for international students (IMPACT Project). She is part of the MORDOR project, an Erasmus + Cooperation Partnership for higher education K220 project on Mapping and Organizing Research on Dictatorships: Open access Repository. She is also a member of the Management Committee of the COST CA21133 – Globalization, Illicit Trade, Sustainability and Security (GLITSS) and also leads the Working Group 2: Platform: the governance of illicit trade. She is also member of the Management Committee of the CA21120 - History of Identity Documentation in European Nations: Citizenship, Nationality and Migration (HIDDEN). She is an ERCOR researcher, part of the Radicalisation Awareness Network Policy Support (RAN PS) European Research Community on Radicalization (ERCOR) Researchers’ Directory. ERCOR provides expertise and consultancy to support EU policy, at the disposal of the EU Commission and Member States. She has served as member of the ISA Governing Council (2019-2021), Secretary General of the Italian Political Science Association (SISP) (2018-2021), Chair of the ECPR Standing Group on International Relations (2019-2021) and President of the European Peace Research Association (EuPRA) (2017-2022). She has been Visiting Scholar at several Universities and Research Centres in Europe, US and Asia. She has been Fulbright Scholar at the University of Delaware, US; DAAD Fellow at the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt; Visiting Professor at the European Union Center of Excellence, University of Alberta, Canada. She has been Associate Faculty at IBEI, Barcelona, teaching within the MUNDUSMAPP Erasmus Mundus program, Marie Curie Fellow at the Universidade Federal de Santa Caterina, Florianopolis, Brazil, and Open Program Fellow at University of Loughborough, UK. She has extensively published in the areas of International Relations and EU politics, dealing with global terrorism, transnational organised crime, civil society and humanitarian affairs.