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Prof Andrea Teti

University of Salerno & Political and Communication Sciences (DISPC)
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Professor Teti has extensive experience appearing on local, national and international print and broadcast media, both live and recorded (e.g. BBC, Al-Jazeera English, France24, Canada's CBC, Australia's SBS, Deutsche Welle, Italy's RAI). In print, he has contributed regularly to OpenDemocracy and The Conversation, and his work appears in several outlets including Newsweek, Middle East Report, The Scotsman, Greece’s To Vima, Italy's Il Manifesto, Il Fatto Quotidiano, Minima et Moralia, Lavoro Culturale, and on Egypt, outlets like Reuters Egypt, Aswat Masriyya, Egypt Independent, Mada Masr, and several others worldwide.
Andrea Teti’s research focuses on EU-Middle East politics, and he has published widely on democratization, on Egyptian politics and on Continental political theory (e.g. Constructivism, Orientalism). The primary themes running through his research are two: first, the connection between the production of knowledge and relations of power, and second, the use of discourse analysis to examine how political actors conceive of and act in pursuit of key goals such as democracy. On the former, he has published widely cited analyses of the so-called ‘Area Studies Controversy’, featuring on syllabi worldwide, while regarding the latter he has pioneered innovative uses of Critical Discourse Analyses of EU policy towards the Middle East and critiques of orthodox understandings of democracy, democratization, and authoritarianism. Professor Teti is lead author of ‘Democratization Against Democracy: How EU Policy Fails the Middle East’ (2020), ‘The Arab Uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan’ (2018), and is co-editor of ‘Informal Power in the Greater Middle East: Hidden Geographies’ (2014) with Gennaro Gervasio and Luca Anceschi. He has also published work on corruption, the role of youth in the Uprisings, on conceptions of democracy in Arab countries, as well as publishing extensively on Egyptian politics. Andrea Teti obtained his PhD from the School of International Relations at the University of St Andrews. During his doctoral research, he was also Teaching Fellow in St Andrews (2000-01), and visiting lecturer at the universities of Bristol (2002), Plymouth (2004-05) and Exeter (2004-05) before obtaining his first tenured position in Plymouth (2005-06). In 2007 he moved to Aberdeen, where he became Senior Lecturer in 2014. He is currently Associate Professor of Political Science and International Relations, and Senior Associate Editor at the journal Middle East Critique, a Q1 journal in Political Science & International Relations, in History and in Cultural Studies. He previously held Visiting Fellowships at the Institute for Advanced Studies (University of Bologna, 2020), at the GramsciLab (Università di Cagliari, 2018-19), at the University of Ghent’s Middle East & North Africa Research Group (2018) and was ACES Europe Visiting Fellow at the University of Amsterdam (2015-16). He was also Scientific Lead and Consortium Leader of the EU-funded ‘Arab Transformations Project’ (2015-16), Trustee of the British Society for Middle East Studies (2019-22) where he continues to serve on the Committee on Academic Freedom, and is co-Founder/Co-Chair of the Critical Middle East Studies (CMES) network. As well as serving on several doctoral programme boards in Aberdeen (IDAV, CISRUL, POLITICO), since 2007 he has supervised 13 doctoral projects.