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Piero Messina has been working in institutional and public affairs, strategic communication, programme management, on key elements of European cooperation in space and space policy
Piero Messina is a senior member of the Cabinet of the ESA Director General. He has an extensive experience in space programmes management, international and institutional affairs in the space community as well as strategic communication in the field. He has been in leading position for forward looking strategic reflections and human spaceflight programmes such as the European exploration programme Aurora, the Moon Village and more recently Revolution Space. He has been involved in ESA History Project and he is also supporting the management of ESA Historical archives. Born in Florence he Graduated in Political and subsequently from the International Space University and from the EHESS in Paris in History and Philosophy of Science and Technology in Society and has teaching experience in a number of Universities. He is aiming at combining his practical experience in space activities with an academic reflection on the impact and motivation for human spaceflight. He is a strong advocate of a greater involvement of social sciences in studying and appraising space activities and their impact on our societies.