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Expert on Europe

Mr Logan Liut

University of Toronto &
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  • English
  • French
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Former Comment Columnist, The Varsity Previously interviewed on Radio-Canada, CHOQ-FM, CityNews, and others
Logan Liut is a young researcher and advocate living in Toronto, and an HBA candidate in Christianity & Culture and Political Science at Victoria College in the University of Toronto. Recently benefiting from an international research grant funded by the Government of Canada, his current research focuses on political and social reactions to the liturgical movement(s) of the twentieth century as experienced in both the Anglican and Latin Catholic traditions in Europe and North America, focusing on political theology and ecclesiology. In addition to his research, he currently is active in many notable organizations, notably as a lay member-designate of the General Synod of the Anglican Church of Canada, as a part of the leadership of the Monarchist League of Canada, and, in the past, with organizations such as French for the Future and Acfas.