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Mr João Pinto

João Carlos Mourato Pinto & Political Science
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Media Experience
- "Diplomacia e ciência andam de mãos dadas — e este webinar vai debater o porquê" [Diplomacy and science walk hand in hand - and this webinar will debate why], 27/05/2021, Público, Portugal. - "Soirée Élections", 26/05/2019, Radio BXFM 104.3 Bruxelles live at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium. - "Karlsmedaille an Studentennetzwek" [Charlemagne Medal given to a student network] in May 2019 in the local Bad Aachen, Germany. - "Les jeunes Européens entre espoir et réalisme" [European Youth between Hope and Realism], 04/04/2019, Le Monde, France. - "O próximo desafio do Erasmus é tornar-se inclusivo" [The Next Challenge of the Erasmus Programme is to become more inclusive], 25/03/2019, Público, Portugal. - "Student Organisations Taking Action Towards the SDGs", 21/03/2019, Orange Magazine, Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF), 16-19. - "Critical thinking vital in fostering active citizenship among Europe's youth", 12/10/2018, VUB Today, Belgium. - "EYE 2018 and the future of Erasmus+", 02/06/2018, Erasmus Evening, oficial radio of the European Youth Event 2018 at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France. - "Entrevista da Tarde Antena 1" [Evening interview of Antena 1], 12/02/2018, radio Antena 1, Portugal. - "Erasmus com presidente português" [Erasmus with Portuguese President], 11/02/2018, radio Antena 1. - "Brexit may hurt popular Erasmus student exchange scheme, officials say", 30/01/2018, Reuters. - "Brexit pode implicar saída do Reino Unido do programa Erasmus" [Brexit may lead the UK to leave the Erasmus+ Programme], 30/01/2018, Jornal de Negócios, Portugal. - "Europe’s ambition to double Erasmus+, boost language skills", 01/12/2017, PIE News.
João Pinto is a European citizen born in Lisbon. Having always been interested in global challenges, João holds an MSc in International Relations from both the University of Coimbra (Portugal) and Sciences Po Bordeaux (France). In these institutions he has researched how federal systems work, having written a thesis on the internal dynamics of the Russian Federation. Currently, João is a Ph.D. candidate studying the global actorness of the European Union, especially towards Brazil and South America. João integrated a research project on the EU’s Strategic Partnerships, has worked in the European Research Council (European Commission), and is a former President of the Erasmus Student Network.