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Mr Ardi Priks

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In 2023, Ardi Priks defended a PhD thesis titled 'Beyond The Rent-seeking: The Political Economy of the European Agricultural Policy (Non)Reform in the Twenty-First Century' at the Central European University. He has an MA degree in International Relations and European Studies from Central European University (2013), an MSc degree in Political Science from the University of Amsterdam (2012) and a BA degree in Political Science, with a minor in Contemporary History, from the University of Tartu (2010). While his PhD dissertation focuses on the political economy aspects of the European Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform, his other research interests include diverse topics such as Eurocrisis, European Union politics, European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), EU-Russia relations, Hong Kong politics, economic history of the world, unified growth theory, mutual- and pension fund returns and their management fees, behavioral economics, international trade, political economy of international trade, development policy, political economy of industrial policy, economic- and privacy aspects of intellectual property rights.