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Expert on Europe

Dr Timofey Agarin

Queen's University Belfast & School of Politics, International Studies & Philosophy
  • German
  • Russian
I am a Lecturer in Comparative Politics and Ethnic Conflict at Queen's University Belfast. My main research interest is in the interplay of social and political change during the postcommunist transition in issue areas of non-discrimination, minority protection, societal integration, and migration management. My research builds upon qualifications in comparative politics with a particular focus on democratisation, political change and institutional stability, and citizen participation. I have recently published "Minority Rights and Minority Protection in Europe" (2016 with Karl Cordell), edited "Extraterritorial Citizenship in Postcommunist Europe" (2015 with Ireneusz Pawel Karolewski), "Trajectories of Minority Rights Issues in Europe The Implementation Trap?" (2015 with Malte Brosig), and "When stereotype meets prejudice: Antiziganism in European Societies" (2014). I have also covered many of these issues in my papers published in Ethnopolitics, Perspectives on European Politics and Society, Ethnicities, Nationalities Papers and Nationalism and Ethnic Politics.