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UACES Report Launch: Unveiling "The Sound of Silence: EDI in European Studies"

Book launch

Join us at 14:00 GMT on February 12th for the presentation of UACES’ report, "The Sound of Silence: EDI in the European Studies Canon." This report, written by current UACES Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Officer, Dr Koen Slootmaeckers and previous EDI Officer, Prof Roberta Guerrina, delves into the dynamics that shape our academic landscape, with a focus on the construction of the European Studies Canon, and the place that is given to equalities+ themes.

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Discover the report's emphasis on textbooks as powerful tools in defining the European Studies Canon, highlighting the necessity for profound reflection on its construction and implications for students and scholars. This report equips us with tools to analyse equality themes within a canon and provides a framework for editors and authors to consider how to create a more inclusive canon. Although focused on European Studies as it substantive field, its lessons will be of interest across textbook authors and editors and publishers from across the social sciences.

Indeed, the report isn't just about analysis; it's a call to decolonize knowledge, challenge biases, and reshape the political economy of knowledge production. Engage in an interactive discussion with the report authors and the audience to explore best practices for creating an inclusive canon that resonates with diverse perspectives.

The event's conclusion will encapsulate key takeaways, stressing the importance of purposeful and mindful inclusion in the European Studies Canon. Participants will be encouraged to actively contribute to a thought-provoking discussion, offering insights and best practices for crafting an inclusive canon that actively shapes the future of European Studies.

To read the full EDI report, click here.

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12 Feb 2024