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Spotlight on: The Evaluation of Polycentric Climate Governance

Book launch

Book launch of The Evaluation of Polycentric Climate Governance by Jonas J. Schoenefeld.

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Join us for this book launch where author Jonas J. Schoenefeld will present his new book The Evaluation of Polycentric Climate Governance in discussion with Viviane Gravey (Queen's University Belfast) and Paul Tobin (University of Manchester)

Polycentric climate governance holds enormous promise, but to unleash its full force, policy evaluation needs a stronger role in it. This book develops Nobel Laureate Elinor Ostrom's important work by offering fresh perspectives from cutting-edge thinking on climate governance and policy evaluation. Driven by theoretical innovation and empirical exploration, this book not only argues for a stronger connection between polycentric climate governance and practices of evaluation, but also demonstrates the key value of doing so with a real-world, empirical test in the polycentric setting of the European Union. This book offers a crucial step to take climate governance to the next level. It will be of interest to advanced students and researchers in climate governance, as well as practitioners who seek to enhance climate action, which is needed to avoid a climate catastrophe and to identify a pathway towards the 1.5° Celsius target in the Paris Agreement.



'This important book brings together solid empirical material and novel theoretical insight into the role of evaluation in climate governance. I find it of great interest for evaluation research and practice, and for analyses of the emerging polycentric patterns of climate governance.' Mikael Hildén, Finnish Environment Institute

'Evaluating public policies is analytically demanding, which is the reason why the most compelling studies concentrate on one or a few cases. Jonas Schoenefeld demonstrates with this well designed and executed study that rigorous and yet comprehensive evaluation is possible. He also contributes to the growing body of research on polycentric climate governance by making the case that it is necessary to identify its concrete empirical implications and to subject them to an analysis of how they deliver on their theoretically derived promise in the real world.' Jale Tosun, University of Heidelberg

This book launch is part of the UACES 'Spotlight on' series which offers our members the chance to showcase their books in an online event.

27 Sep 2023