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RENPET: Jean Monnet Network on EU Foreign Affairs


First Network Conference

RENPET is an Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Network of ten major universities across Europe and a leading pan-European professional academic association. RENPET builds on the strong cooperation established through the 2014-2017 ANTERO Network and the 2017-2020 NORTIA Network. More about the network.

Research Workshops "European Foreign, Security and Defence Policy in time of European War: Contestation at home and abroad".

Papers and presentations are sought on any aspect of how the EU, its individual member states and/or the EU’s global partners have responded to Russia's second invasion of Ukraine and how these responses fit or do not fit to our established models and assumptions of how EU foreign, security and defence policy work. More broadly, papers and presentations are also sought on the nature and implications of the evident contestation of norms, principles and practice that we are witnessing both within Europe and between the EU, its member states and global partners and impacts on foreign policy. How are these contestations being reinforced or undermined by contemporary political developments at home and globally?


“Research Support for Ukrainian colleagues and students”.

Presentations are sought from colleagues for a research practice-focused session on how universities have and might better support Ukrainian colleagues and students, whether through formal programmes such as Scholars at Risk  or at institutional/research project level. The goal is to share experience, identify best practice and bring lessons home to our respective institutions for practical implementation.


Teaching Workshops “Teaching in Time of Crisis”.

Papers and presentations are sought on any aspect of how scholars can best teach in contexts where their subject matter is rapidly evolving in real time. In time of war, crisis, political upheaval and other kinds of major substantive change, what kinds of teaching practice/pedagogy is best suited to addressing real-time challenges while ensuring scholarly rigour and appropriate perspective is maintained?


Please submit 200 word abstracts on any of the above by the deadline of 9 May to

Clearly indicate in the subject field if submission is for either RESEARCH workshops or TEACHING workshops.

NB FUNDING for early career scholars is available.

1 - 3 Jun 2022 Leiden, Netherlands